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On 30 November 2016
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A great EP for a great cause.

Lamb of God’s new EP isn’t just a typical “keep the fans happy till we write a new album” type of EP release, but instead is part of a charity campaign to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The choice of charity is linked to the title track – The Duke.  The EP consists of two new songs plus three live tracks.

Title track “The Duke” was written in honour of a terminally ill fan.  Randy Blythe explains.. “A little while ago I became friends with a fan named Wayne Ford – he was terminal – leukemia. I talked with him often, even video chatted him into the studio. He was very calm about his impending death, and we discussed it very openly. I learned a lot from him. This song is for him”.  The lyrics inspired by Randy’s talks with Wayne Ford unsurprisingly have a theme relating to death and what may follow.  It’s not a typical Lamb of God song – there are a lot of clean vocals which I wasnt expecting.  There is some screaming but it’s very limited.  It’s not typical LoG but it’s still a great song.

“Culling” is more like what we’ve come to know and love from Lamb of God, and it’s a really strong song that is more than up to the standard you expect of a Lamb of God album – this is no filler, this is killer.

The remaining three tracks are live recordings of songs from the most recent studio album (2015’s Sturm und Drang).  Lamb of God may be good in the studio but it’s on stage in front of a crowd where they really come alive, so live tracks from them are more than welcome.

A great EP for a great cause.

Track listing:

1. The Duke
2. Culling
3. Still echoes (Live from Rock am Ring)
4. 512 (Live from Bonnaroo)
5. Engage the fear machine (Live from Bonnaroo)

In conjunction with ‘The Duke’ EP release, LAMB OF GOD will be offering the following items with all proceeds going to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (WWW.LLS.ORG):
– Randy Blythe’s Ashes of the Wake gold record plaque
– Signed signature model guitars
– Signed copies of handwritten lyrics
– Signed copies of ‘The Duke’ EP on CD
– Signed copies of ‘The Duke’ EP on Vinyl
– Signed copies of Randy Blythe’s book
– Plus more

The charity campaign is being hosted via Stay tuned for more news via

A great EP for a great cause.

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