Lahmia – Into The Abyss CD review

Lahmia’s new album ‘Into the Abyss’  is released on the 14 May 2012 by Baker Team Records. Recorded and mixed at Outer Sound Studios by Giuseppe Orlando  (Novembre) in Rome, Italy and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden with guest appearance by Sadist front man Trevor. The album artwork is by Niklas Sundin at Cabin-fever Media.

I am very excited to be reviewing this album. Lahmia’s mix of influences of Death, Thrash and Black metal for me make for a perfect promise.

Track one is Drag Me to Hell, here we go!

Some demonic chanting to start and then straight in with a guitar riff with an interesting harmony. At 1.06 when the drums kick in its quite catchy and then the vocals kick in and we are off at a faster pace. I like the vocal style and the guitar tone.

2.25 oooooooooooo I like that and the harmonies again are interesting.

There are parts of the track that grab my attention, but I’m finding it hard to get into it.

In contrast I am really enjoying the faster paced Nightfall especially the build up at the start, the vocal screams and the slow clean section at 1.51. This is more what I’m after!  This track has such a different feel from the first, more epic and forward driving.

If this change continues it will be interesting to hear the diversity of the band and influences changing throughout the album.

Silent through the Screaming Crowd has more of a dreamy sound with emotive lyrics which doesn’t really do it for me, however when the unclean vocals come I start to enjoy it more. The track builds up with layers of guitars to a fantastic faster paced section with the screaming vocals. Another build up occurs after but this one is purely instrumental with an insane solo laced through.

The Tunnel starts off with another simple but catchy riff. The vocals really come through in this track and come into their own. I start to tune out a bit until we get to the solo in the middle which again, has a fantastic tone and awesome sweeping. A small clean section gives some variety and builds up again to the end of the track.

Into the Abyss has another catchy riff to start with a cheeky pinch. The layers are well thought out in this track and everything interlaces really tightly. I have to say though it’s a bit too stop start for me so far though it is impressive, much better when the driving force grove comes in. Another slower section near the end with clean vocals and a build up to a solo, starting to switch off again.

Something a bit different, a lovely classical intro to Glass Eyed Child and a build up to the rest of the track with more catchy riffs, vocal screams and driving drums but it’s the same formula used for the rest of the tracks.

I’m praying now for something totally different in Grinding Dreams. Nope.

Strength from my Wounds despite the name starts off quite heavy with a riff that reminds me of Arch Enemy. This track has more of what I’m after with an OWAH at 2.25 and some fast paced drums. 3.20, epic! Yes more of that please! Key change! Yes!

My Crown starts off slowly with clean vocals and a haunting echoing guitar sound. I like the way some of the words are pronounced due to Amerise’s Italian accent. The high-pitched screaming vocals are fantastic. A beautiful clean guitar section at 4.17 makes for a nice contrast. The grove driving force to the end, especially when the double kick comes in is awesome and an unexpected piano solo of the same phrase (or riff) of music, nice.

A nice ending to the album, Ab Aeterno fades in with a slow and dreamy guitar harmony with Amerise speaking in Italian. I shall have to ask my friend what he’s saying.

The vocals and lead guitar are the most memorable aspects of the album I wish the drums and bass came through more. So overall then, sections of predictable changes and a generic feel but in contrast interesting timing and catchy genius with a tight musicianship that pulls it off.


Rating 8 out of 10

Track Listing

Drag me to Hell


Silent through the Screaming Crowd

The Tunnel

Into the Abyss

Glass Eyed Child

Grinding Dreams

Strength from my Wounds

My Crown

Ab Aeterno


Band Lineup

Francesco Amerise- Vocals

Flavio Gianello- Guitars

Corrado Ciaccia- Bass

Alessandro Santilli- Drums

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