Lacuna coil – Institute, Birmingham- 5th November 2014

The current Lacuna Coil tour can only be described as a “mixed” lineup. In the UK it is a co-headline tour with Motionless in white, with Devilment as support.

devilmentThe night kicked off with Devilment – the new band featuring Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth on vocals.  Sadly his vocals were as awful as expected – mainly semi-growled but with random high pitched shrieks.  The music sounded better – plenty of power from the guitars, but to be blunt every song sounded the same. I’m sorry but this was a thirty minute set that felt like it lasted two hours.  Not a band I ever want to see or hear again.

Devilment setlist:

Even your blood group rejects me
Mother Kali
Sanity hits a (perfect) zero
The stake in my heart
The great and secret show

motionless in whiteNext up came American band Motionless in White. They clearly had a lot of fans in the crowd judging by the number of young teenagers wearing MIW T-shirts, and the high pitched screaming from the teenage girls when the band hit the stage.  A metalcore band with a gothic side to it, they really are very different to Lacuna Coil. The bassist  has gone for a gothic horror look, and has a strange doll attached to his mic stand too. It’s a very high energy performance that splits the crowd – the MIW fans were screaming and clearly loving every second of it, while over half the audience looked like they were sitting in a dentists waiting room hearing the dreaded drills going for an hour.

Understandably the setlist tonight is built around their new album, Reincarnate, with 7 of the songs tonight coming from that album, and just a few fan favourites included from earlier albums.

Motionless In White setlist:

Sick from the melt
Puppets 3 (The grand finale)
Generation lost
Dead as fuck
Break the cycle
Immaculate misconception
Dark passenger
Devils night

lacunacoilFinally Lacuna Coil took to the stage, in front of a reduced crowd (more on this later).  With their two singers (Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro), Lacuna Coil always put inan energetic performance, with both singers constantly moving around the stage and engaging the crowd.  Normally this works superbly well, but tonight just doesn’t quite seem to get the usual response from the crowd, and things feel slightly flat.  Mostly I think this was down to the bands that came before Lacuna Coil, but also while this was a good performance from Lacuna Coil, it certainly wasn’t the best I’ve seen from them.

Lacuna Coil setlist:

Trip the darkness
Die & rise
Heavens a lie
To the edge
Upside down
Enjoy the silence
Nothing stands in our way
Our truth

Lacuna Coil are nothing like the other two bands, so it was no surprise to hear a number of lacuna Coil fans complaining that it was a shit lineup as they had to endure two bands they hated (I heard several refer to MIW as “Motionless in shite”), and then have a shorter than normal set from Lacuna coil.  Equally it was clear a lot of MIW fans had no desire to see Lacuna Coil, and as soon as Motionless In White’s set ended around 30% of people left the venue. The person to benefit most from this lineup was the promoter who sold more tickets than they would with either band by themselves, but sadly most of the fans were left unhappy as whichever band they were there to see got a shorter set than if they did a headline tour in smaller venues.

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