L Sol Tace EP Review

London based L Sol Tace have been carving out a name for themselves over the last year or so after they released this EP back in 2010.  They have been playing lots of successful shows including support slots for Xerath, TRC, Attica Rage, Evile.

L Sol Tace is currently writing material for their début album and plans are already underway to tour around its release.

This 3 track demo lets you experience the brutal potent riffs, pounding drums along with Anton’s smoldering roar before they bring out their new album.

Each track has its own distinctive feel whilst retaining the sheer full force, neck breaking and foot stomping groove driven style. It is a power force to be reckoned with.

If you like Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Devildriver, In Flames, Crowbar, Pantera etc definitely check out L Sol Tace.

This EP is currently available as a free download on their facebook page.

Catch L Sol Tace live this month when they are on tour with Abgott. See the below link for tour dates.


Itune link for this Demo EP



Track listing

1 – Void Of God

2 – Sinners Game

3 – Decevil

Band Members

Anton Swan – Vocals
Sam Wallace – Guitar
Neil Hester – Bass
James Murphy – Drums


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