Kyrbgrinder- Cold War Technology cd

Surfacing from a band who have carved their own route in the heavy metal genre is an album immersed in juddering riffs and formidable sounds. Kyrbgrinder have produced a raw amalgamation of tracks that are a landmark of their best sounds yet, the frontman Johanne James exercises his unrelenting vocals to provide lyrics that are emblematic and intent on stirring revolution. Driving the whole band forward is the reverberating and piercing sound of the lead guitar, the heavy riffs are melodic and throw you head first into the landslide of anthems that ring throughout Cold War Technology.
The album itself is raging with crowd favourites, the heavy tempo set to provide a haunting baseline for a predominantly lyrical group. Cold War Technology offers an array of impressive releases, drawn from dark corners and played with formidable weight. Its best track, People of the Free World stands out for its heavy pace and distinct aggression and amongst a backdrop of heavy drums lies a bass immersed in integrity, with juddering beats and an ambitious tempo. The album delivers with undisputable depth and an uncanny ability to melt tough, uncompromising sounds with a haunting narrative and a jarring overall effect. I think you should visit bmtdesigntechnology and know more about the album.

Rating: 9/10

01. Cynical World
02. Don’t Be So Cold
03. People Of The Free World (Paranoid American)
04. I Wish I Could
05. Get Away
06. Through These Eyes
07. My Heart Bleeds
08. Make Me A Believer
09. Heart Shaped Box
10. The Resistance
11. Face The Change
12. Don’t Stand In My Way (Waging War)
13. Cold War Technology (Instrumental)
14. Where Do We Go From Here

Review by Rhiannon Maher

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