Kreator – Gods Of Violence

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On 4 February 2017
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One of the leading purveyors of German thrash prove that they are still at the top of their game.

Since their formation in Essen 1984, Kreator have consistently delivered an impressive caustic catalogue of thrash metal, proving that the Germans do it better than anyone else and Gods Of Violence their fourteenth studio album shows they are still at the forefront of that genre. Currently available on Nuclear Blast Records, their usual balls out trademark thrash is complimented with additional guitar virtuosity power metal and melodic touches.

The eleven track monster begins with the stirring, battle metal like call to arms instrumental/choral vocal intro of ‘Apocalypticon’. Volley after volley of manic riffing backed by wrist snapping snare drum work from Ventor propel ‘World War Now’ along backed by a tortured howl lead vocal from Mille Petrozza, showing that the passing of time has not mellowed him. A neat twin guitar harmony mid section backed by some furious double bass drum pounding, make it an early highlight.

The doom intro of ‘Satan Is Real’ leads into intense chugging riffing with fretboard burning twin leads blazing away throughout. ‘Totalitarian Terror’ is all buzzing foot to the floor rhythms backed by a bug eyed lead vocal with the song ending on furious blustre of guitar solos. The album title track has a melodic intro with added sitar which is then blown away with a repeated vocal refrain of “We shall kill” as the speedometer heads off into the red. Heads are down and air guitars are out after the main riff of ‘Army Of Storms’ hits hard. The pace is brought down by the almost Thin Lizzy like twin guitar lines that dominate ‘Hail To The Heroes’.

A calm before the storm gentle picked intro backed by a devilish whispered vocal to ‘Lion With Eagle Wings’ sees all hell break loose behind Ventor’s drum kit as frenetic riffs weave in and out of Mille’s most intense vocal on the album. ‘Fallen Brother’ ticks every box with its no frills heavy metal delivery topped off with piercing fretboard wizardry. ‘Side By Side’ is another foot to the floor rager but slows down to pound into a classically tinged segment as it surges to an end in a chest beating flourish. Album closer and my personal highlight is the epic ‘Death Becomes My Light’. Its seven minute duration flies by on galloping mid thrash metal grooves following a moody intro with an almost spoken word vocal.


Kreator - Gods Of Violence
Kreator – Gods Of Violence


01 Apocalypticon
02 World War Now
03 Satan Is Real
04 Totalitarian Terror
05 Gods Of Violence
06 Army Of Storms
07 Hail To The Hordes
08 Lion With Eagle Wings
09 Fallen Brother
10 Side By Side
11 Death Becomes My Light

Kreator band line up :-

Miland “Mille” Petrozza -Vocals/guitar.

Jurgen “Ventor” Reil – Drums.

Christian “Speesy” Giesler – Bass guitar.

Sami Yli Sirnio – Guitar.

One of the leading purveyors of German thrash prove that they are still at the top of their game.

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