Kopperhed – Album review – “Malum in Se”

Kopperhed were one of those nice surprise discoveries for me, I saw them last year at Nambucca and I have kept a keen eye on them ever since. I have bumped in to the guys a few times since and each time they have dangled the proverbial carrot of their new album “Malum In Se” (Evil in its self) each time, like a spoilt kid I have been pestering them for a listen and now I have it, worth waiting for? Yes I fucking think so!

I have had one full listen through without writing one single word or even thinking “what would I say about this?” so I can just listen and absorb, so second listen is currently underway, yes as I write these words and quite frankly I find myself wishing to include more profanity than normal not because I don’t like it but because it’s fucking brutal.

Don’t expect a track by track break down of this as I never do that, instead I’ll cover a couple of tracks which hopefully will give you a picture of what this album is all about, then you go a buy it, listen to it yourself and love it (if you don’t your loss).

Track one: “Beating into Black”

Building intro with a female vocal (sample?) climaxing in “I just wanna be a disco bitch” and joined with Dave’s guitar with a crunching riff, Steve’s bass pounding away, Lex trying to destroy the skins on his drums and another sample of quite possibly the most spine chilling female scream I have ever fucking heard then Low jumps in with the vocals. Following the first verse there’s drop time change with some tasty squealing before returning to pounding for the second verse which reoccurs through this track. Verdict this track is one hell of an opener once I have changed my cacks I’ll carry on listening/writing.


Track four: “Slaughter Demon Daughter”

Interesting intro on this one, triple beat with what sounds like a small army of demons (probably meant to given the title) crawling and stalking in the darkness joined by a melodic sort of marching chant/grunt, Guitar and bass are deep and driven even on my poxy (they are actually really good) headphones I can visualise this being thrown out through the amps on stage and melting everything in front of them in a five mile radius – guys you want to be playing this on the 19th.

Track seven: “Die Alone”

Opening with solo guitar riff joined by bass and drums the briefly on its own again before the vocals drop in, one of the slower tracks on the album, still with all of the Kopperhed elements brilliantly shining through with fantastic lyrics “I am here, god is not, I’ve come for the soul that was meant to rot” what else is there to say, this is a melodic headbanger of a track, if you’re not bopping your melon to this there’s something fundamentally wrong with you.


This album is start to finish all killer and absolutely no fucking filler which is refreshing to say the least! If you like your guitars crunchy, deep yet harmonic and expertly delivered with your bass rumbling away like it’s attempting to burrow its way through to your stomach, Drums hard and heavy yet cool calm and collected yet reinforcing where appropriate and guttural, gritty but understandable vocals delivered to you as if the Anti Christ was camping out in your aural cavities then this album (and Kopperhed in general) is for you.

Fucking awesome, a skull cracking 8 out 10 – BUY IT!

Kopperhed are officially launching the album on the 19th of October at Nambucca and highly recommend you get your arses down to see them as they are an amazing live band who will melt the skin from your bones.

Kopperhed are:

Low – Vocals

Lex – Drums

Dave – Guitar

Steve – Bass

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