Knaat – ‘Die Lichtung’

KnaatFolk metal, pagan metal, call it what you will, has an unnerving penchant for veering, inexplicably and unexpectedly, from one extreme to the other – and, most notably, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Unfortunately, Munich-based sextet Knaat fall somewhere ‘twixt and between – but, at the same time, manage to produce an album which is strangely appealing in its mixture of pure death metal, such as on ‘Kriegsschrei’, classic blackened folk metal in the epic closer ‘Nordmannen’ and outlandishly ridiculous moments such as the raped accordion of the self-titled ‘Intro’ or the inanity of the bierhalle roistering of ‘Schenkrantz’, which is very much a third division Tankard wannabe of a drinking hymn.

Having said all of that, I left this playing on ye olde PM death decks while I hoisted a toast or several to the indomitable, unceasing spirit of heavy feckin’ metal to take the complete and utter piss out of itself and still appear wholesome and beautiful.


Track list:
1. Intro
2. Die Lichtung
3. Unter Heiligen Hufen
4. Kriegsschrei
5. Schenkentanz Intro
6. Schenkentanz
7. Surm Auf Windhelm
8. Leidensweg
9. Spielmann
10. Nordmannen

‘Die Lichtung’ is out now.  For further information, visit

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