KISMET “We Don’t” E.P

Kismet are an alternative Rock band from Trecenta, Italy, and formed in the late 90’s. Shortly after, their debut EP “Rooms of Lie” was created, which went on to obtain much positive feedback from Metal Hammer, Metal Shock, Rock Hard etc. This fuelled the band into playing many Italian events and festivals. In 2006, they entered the studio for the recording of their 2nd EP “Trudging Down Your Soul” but unfortunately, due to line up changes, the release was delayed.

September 2007, Trudging Down Your Soul was presented in the beautiful atmosphere of “Palazzo Pepoli” in their home town. The line up for this meant the band took on a more acoustic feel, and included piano and viola for the presentation. his marked a new age for Kismet, who started to play both acoustic shows, in small venues and clubs, and electric shows in larger venues and festivals.

In more recent years, Kismet have been working hard on the pre-production of a new, full length song. Their goal was to create something heavier. Their single “We Don’t” was created. November 2011 saw Kismet winning the final of Tourmusic Fest in Rome as “Best Original Band” and as a result, Kismet are in the process of a European Tour. This leg of the tour, they are joined by guest drummer Riccardo Merlini who was mentored by Mike Mangini (Dream Theatre).They have already played dates in London at the O2 Arena, Birmingham, Sheffield, Wakefield and Newbridge, and the current stage of the “We Dont” tour will see them hitting the following dates;

The single “We Don’t” is available on iTunes and Amazon.

The intro to it is reminiscent of Tool, particularly Schism, (which isn’t surprising as this is one of the band’s influences) but the vocals are definitely not M. J. Keenan. Albert Eno’s voice sounds more akin to Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema but with an edge to it. The general feel of the energy of the song seems frantically frustrated but calmly orchestrated at the same time. The frustration works well with the guitars, bass, and drums and given some of Kismet’s previous work, it’s clear that the frantic feel has been deliberately added to this track. Considering the lyrics, “Do you wanna share all my time, we don’t, we don’t, we’re losing time” puts me in mind of a failing relationship which backs up the frustration in the energy of the song. The only down side to this song is it does feel a little repetitive towards the end.

Kismet, from the few tracks I’ve heard, seem to cater for all tastes, so they’re definitely well worth a visit if you can get along to one of the UK dates. Keep an eye on these guys… they’ll be back.

October 11 – The Engine Rooms in Skelmersdale
October 12 – The Flying Shuttle, Bury
October 13 – Lancaster Music Festival, Lancaster
October 14 – Wangies, Manchester
Review by Jill Connell

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