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On 26 February 2014
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"Feeding the Dead is a dignified and impressive piece of music"

554989_152992504861850_745396800_nBehemoth: Any creature or thing of monstrous size or power. In other words, Dublin Band Killface’s album, Feeding the Dead. I wonder if I should contact The Oxford Dictionary to try and get the old definition of Behemoth changed. Does she do that? Is that her, yeah? TO THE POINT:
With this album, Killface present listeners with an unrelenting exhibition of aggression, imagination and skill. Without meaning to sound like Shelley Marsh this album is mature, as well as professional in sound. Feeding the Dead is a well thought out album that was created to a high standard.
In my opinion, Killface are under exposed in comparison to their contemporaries of the same genre. Feeding the Dead is going to change that – or at least change Iarnord Eireann forever as that’s where it’s getting most of its air time now that I have my hands on it. If I can’t shower the great unwashed in water, I’ll shower them in riffs.

Feeding the Dead consists of nine tracks; all are equally as commanding and victorious as each other. The album initiation begins with Meatgrinder. Now, if we have any Predator fans, this one is definitely for you as that is pretty much the theme of the song (I know – awesome). Meatgrinder smacks you with an intense barrage of sound. There is no easing into this album. It’s raw and engaging off from the outset. The first attention grabbing element is the guitars. The riffs are distinct and a tenacious force throughout Meatgrinder and the album as a whole. There’s incredible power and range behind the vocals. Derek Brady manages to maintain the aggression while also spitting out intelligible lyrics which make the tracks more approachable. After the extreme shelling experienced at the beginning of Meatgrinder, the song decelerates to a dramatic, slow march through which; listeners get an even better feel for the skill of each member of the ban .The frequent and alarming guitar shreds and screeched through this minute lull are attention grabbing and endearing. The kind of chainsaw – like Bass sound is exposed and this paired with the titanic drumming of Stephen Roe give the track that rhythmic foundation that pushes it further into oblivion.

Murderers is another track that really stood out to me. In the best possible way this album is like a sledgehammer to the brain and Murderers lends a helping hand in defining it as that. It kicks off with that turbulent and hefty sound that is a common feature throughout Feeding the Dead. Again we’re presented with unwavering vocals embossed with their own particular style and diversity, adding to the ferocity of the song. The abrupt tempo change keeps you on your toes and engaged with the track. The solos on Murderers have a malevolent, eerie tone to them giving it that sinister edge which goes well given the title.
The unpredictability of this album is unlike anything I’ve encountered in a long time, it’s inventive without any tedious intersections to deal with which can be hard to avoid – but not for Killface it seems.

Fans of Day of the Dead will appreciate Gutless Scummy Cannibals. Similarly to some other tracks like What’s Your Pleasure and Feeding the Dead; Gutless Scummy Cannibals incorporates a mini prelude with recordings taken from films like Braindead, Hellraiser and Day of the Dead. This is a cool adage and a chance to get your bearings and perhaps cling on to something for support but move fast because we get back to business fairly rapid! Straight after this brief recess, we’re met with the fortifying power of the drums, which set the pace and reinforce the speed on this track. There’s some great guitar work again on this one and the rich guitar tone is maintained throughout.

Feeding the Dead, the album’s title track concludes the record. From beginning to end this album satisfies and captivates. No- one element overshadows or dominates another, there’s proportional exposure of every contributor to this album. Style and technique is never compromised for a heavier sound – which heaviness naturally occurs with what Killface have come up with. Feeding the Dead as a death metal album has a groovier form to the songs which are hook laden and therefore they will endure – longevity is not going to be an issue for Feeding the Dead. A number of tracks like Feeding the Dead, Meatgrinder and Seduction have anthemic qualities and so it won’t take long for these tracks to become fast favourites among the masses.
Some of the themes of songs are fun but then you have a contrast of darker motifs like in Daddy’s Girl that are unflinchingly and unapologetically exposed. The album is fun but not trivial. There are stories to engage with which makes the listening experience all that more enjoyable.
Feeding the Dead is a dignified and impressive piece of music. Killface are yet another illustration of the depth of talent on the Irish scene at the moment. I can’t wait to see what doors this album will hopefully open for them.  If you’re not convinced that The Oxford Dictionary needs to change the meaning of Behemoth then check out Feeding the Dead for yourself!

Track list:

  1. Meatgrinder
  2. What’s  Your Pleasure
  3. Murderers
  4. Disasters End
  5. Seduction
  6. Daddy’s Girl
  7. Gutless Scummy Cannibals
  8. Breeds Inside
  9. Feeding the Dead


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"Feeding the Dead is a dignified and impressive piece of music"

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