Karl Sanders from the Band Nile Interviewed at The Liverpool Masque 09/02/2011







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While clearing some files from my computer I came across this gem of an interview that I conducted with Karl Sanders at my first of many Whiplash Promotions nights at The Liverpool Masque.


Lee – Hi Karl, how are you doing ?

Karl – Lovely and you?

Lee – Could be better.

Lee – I have got to say that this seems to be a huge tour you guys are putting on.

Karl – Yeah 6 weeks this one is, and it’s very cold. We started in Poland, and it was cold, and we kept going and it was even colder than Italy.

Lee – How did your Cardiff gig go?

Karl – Cardiff was yesterday. Actually the gig was great, um, they almost killed Chris Lawless, with 240 volts on the microphone as it wasn’t properly grounded, so that part wasn’t cool. The motor engineer, he almost made me fucking deaf , erm that’s not cool. But the fans were great, the people were awesome. It was a fun gig .

Lee – I was scanning through Blabbermouth the other day and I came across an interesting story about you losing your trailer and your gear over in Europe?? It all sounds a bit Spinal Tapesque if you ask me. How did it happen ?

Karl – (Karl Laughs) Yes a lot of Spinal Tap, but not the good parts of Spinal Tap. Spinal Tap stuff is funny when it happens to another band, but when you find it happening to you its not very fun.

Lee – Looking back over the years what bands have influenced you when you were growing up?

Karl – Well when I was growing up, probably ones many people would find Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Rush, later on Robin Trower , David Lee Roth, Morbid Angel, Revelation. Yeah it’s a nice mix.

Lee – What was the first concert you went to ?

Karl – Probably Kiss when I was a kid.

Lee – Now waay back in 2007 you managed to become the first death metal band ever to play on the Ozzfest. How did that all come about ?

Karl – I think that was the efforts of our manager, Gunther Ford? He thought It would be a good thing for us to do, so he hooked it up. He got in touch with the appropriate people and made it happen.

Lee – And here’s the important question, did you meet Ozzy?

Karl – Erm not officially, I was waiting in line for the toilet in the artist area, and my turn was next , but in came Ozzy with a doctor and they went right past me , they cut in line went straight into the toilets , and did their business in the toilet, apparently he was having some problems with his leg and they had to give him an injection. So that was my brush with Mr Osbourne. He cut in front of me in the queue for the toilet.

Lee – Your new album Those Whom The Gods Detest is doing really well in the states right now – what are your favourite tracks from it ?

Karl – Well I really like the title track (Those Whom the Gods Detest), Hittite Dung Incantation, Kem Khefa Kheshef, Yezd Desert Ghul Ritual in the Abandoned Towers of Silence, there are a lot of good tracks on that record.

Lee – Now also touring with you are the band Melechesh – how did this combination come about.

Karl – well Ashmedi and me have been friends for like 10 years, so it was kinda natural.

Lee – Now I did notice that you both love the mythological Middle East . I bet this makes for some interesting discussions at times

Karl – uh yes in fact Ashmedi is quite a character, and is full of ….discussions, quite lively he is.

Lee – Out of all the bands which are breaking through right now what are your favourite ones ?

Karl – There’s a band from Australia, Ulcerate, fuck yeah

Lee – With a lot of the metal festivals over here such as the mighty Hammerfest and Bloodstock putting on heavier bands are there any plans for you to play them ?

Karl – Oh I don’t know, we’ll see what happens, after we’re finished with this tour we’re going to go home and write some new songs, so we’re not even going to think about playing anything for a while.

Lee – so time off to relax?

Karl – erm no were going to write new songs, work on a new record, and get back to work.

Lee – Have anything else you would like to add?

Karl – Yeah that I’m really, really pleased to be here in Liverpool, as it’s our first time, and look forward to meeting some new metal fans. Fuck I think it will be fun.

Nile: http://www.nile-catacombs.net/
Whiplash Promotions: http://whiplash4metal.bigcartel.com/
The Liverpool Masque: www.http://www.masque-liverpool.com/



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