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Joe Bonamassa

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On 30 October 2021
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Time Clocks ticks all the right boxes for Joe Bonamassa to release this alarming new album.

Joe Bonamassa

With the release of the Time Clocks album will the real Joe Bonamassa please stand up? Mainly known for being an accomplished guitarist over the last few of his releases he’s also become a fantastic vocalist to, point proven on these ten stunning tracks. Released via Provogue/Mascot Label Group he really delivers the goods here.

It starts sedately with the short but sweet laid back instrumental ‘Pilgrimage’ but fires up for ‘Notches’. A gentle acoustic riff is taken on by electric as almost prog grooves drive this seven minute masterpiece along with Joe delivering a gritty vocal. His midway solo vies for attention with that groove and comes out with head held high as it ends on a snare driven rock out.

‘The Heart That Never Waits’, first single released from Time Clocks flows along on a breezy shuffle, almost jazz like in places that muscles up in the fiesty choruses of “Time is the healer that rescued me, the blues lead to the bottle that landed me on the streets. When it’s raining down with worry and you know it’s too late it’s the train that never comes and the heart that never waits”.

An early highlight is current single ‘Time Clocks’. It really is the perfect song, a ballad with balls that picks you up, tears you apart and doesn’t put you back down until its wrung every last drop of emotion out of you. The choruses will break your heart whilst simultaneously having you punch the air with joy when Joe pitches his vocals higher.

‘Questions And Answers’ is a quirky number that creeps along on bouncy rhythms as Joe delivers an angst ridden vocal tirade about relationships and his solo is short, sharp and straight to the point.

‘Mind’s Eye’ is another lengthy ballad that doesn’t overstay its welcome. This winsome wanderer ebbs and flows on a poignant vocal, gently picked guitar lines, lilting keyboards and choruses are delivered in a gospel style.

‘Curtain Call’ opens with militaristic style snares and sweeping strings to set the scene about a battle fought hard with a couplet of “Step by step, one by one, you’ll be counted on. Lights go up so don’t be late for the curtain call”. The instrumental sections are stunning!

A wild west tinged intro to ‘The Loyal Kind’ sees Joe croon eloquently until a heartbeat tempo kick drum elevates the song to a higher level for majestic choruses and a riff comes out of nowhere to knock you off your feet.

‘Hanging On A Loser’ is a feel good shuffle of funk and Detroit soul to warm the heart. Prominent piano, jazzy guitar lines and finger clicking doo wop join forces for this party starter.

The curiously titled ‘Known Unknowns’ is a fine way to end the album. Snappy snare drums pin it down as Joe gives a soul searching vocal around a swirling organ and tinkling piano. Noodling guitar lines and big fat meaty riffs drive it along to a bluesy outro for some serious string bending guitar.

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Time Clocks album track listing :-



The Heart That Never Waits.

Time Clocks.

Questions And Answers.

Mind’s Eye.

Curtain Call.

The Loyal Kind.

Hanging On A Loser.

Known Unknowns.

Time Clocks album personnel :-

Joe Bonamassa – Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals.

Steve Mackey – Bass Guitar.

Lachy Doley – Piano.

Bunna Lawrie – Didgeridoo.

Bubby Summerfield – Percussion.

Anton Fig – Drums/Percussion.

Mahalia Barnes, Juanita Tippins and Prinnie Stevens – Backing Vocals.

Time Clocks ticks all the right boxes for Joe Bonamassa to release this alarming new album.

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