Jobseekers – Enniskillen, Charlie’s Bar 22/05/2015

This evening, Charlie’s Bar in Enniskillen plays host to a cross border punk and rock assault, the likes that the town has not seen in quite some time, organised by Henchman Promotions, a local promotional company who are contributing to the continued growth of the Enniskillen music scene.

Sense Deficiency live at Charlie's Bar, EnniskillenSense Deficiency opened the night with a set that could only be described as a punk blitzkrieg; ploughing through a solid set, which proudly displayed their reggae and ska influences.  This was partially evident with the inclusion of ‘Date Rape’ and ‘Badfish’ by Sublime in their set, both of which went down a treat from those in attendance.  After a thunderous aural assault, they conclude their set with ‘Scaremonger!’ which is featured on their debut EP, ‘Will Think for Brain Cells’, being released on June 19.

The next band to take the stage is the Dublin three piece Solid Gold Rocketship, who interject the night with their own brand of grunge-tinged stoner rock.  With a lively stage presence, they confidently weave through songs consisting of melodic passages, upbeat riffs and an extremely solid rhythm section.  This is all topped by the tremendous vocal talents of Bryan and Ruairi, whose voices meld together to form an unstoppable force of nature.  Throughout their set, the band receives hearty cheers and banter; concluding their set with ‘Hatred to Grace’ to undying acceptance by the crowd.

The blitzkrieg recommences as the third band of the night, Alps take the stage and continue the aural onslaught with their brand of no excuses punk rock.  In typical punk fashion, the songs are short, but exude a melodic intensity which serves as a foundation for the vocal talents of both Momme and Paul.

Jobseekers live at Charlie's Bar, EnniskillenThe headline act for the night, Jobseekers, take the stage to an energetic response from the already fuelled crowd. They are at a fever pitch as the band kick into a vicious and rowdy set of socially aware hardcore punk, opening with ‘We Are Jobseeker’ which is featured on their self-titled EP.  The band continues the onslaught as they surge through a plethora of powerful tracks such as ‘No Power, No Control’, ‘This Is Not 1984’ and ‘Never Go Back’ amongst others.  During ‘Fight Inequality’, lead singer Colin Kelly braves the crowd with microphone in hand and delivers an upfront and personal punk sermon to the masses. The passion that this band embodies is evident as they leave it all on the stage with ‘Countdown to Landfill’.

This was truly an impressive night and it is always good to see bands from outside the local area play in Enniskillen.  Not only does this expose these bands to the local area, but it also exposes the local bands and people to the talent that resides outside of their area.  It is a win-win situation and only adds anticipation and excitement to the next gig that will be held in Fermanagh’s county town.

Jobseekers will be playing the PlanetMosh stage at the Monsters of Rot festival in Letterbreen on August 1, alongside Xerath, Bad Blood, Attack The Day, Axecatcher and a host of others.

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