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On 16 October 2016
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A variety of incredible vocals, insane bass lines, killer guitar riffs and thunderous drumming, what more can you ask for in an album?!!

Jinjer are a Ukrainian metal band with a difference, they infuse groove with progressive metal to create a truly unique outcome which is something truly captivating for the ears of yours truly. They somehow manage to captivate a variety of different genres and show their influences throughout their previous releases such as No Hoard Of Value and Scissors.

The prologue lures you in with a drum beat which leads to the perfect introduction of the amazing controlled vocals of the incredibly talented Tatiana. The use of clean vocals over a beautifully heavy undertone helps create a very atmospheric beginning track of what I believe to be a very well created album full of strong lyrics and mesmerizing rhythms to take us all into the kingdom of Jinjer.

The pace is swiftly picked up when we are taken into Captain Clock, a fast paced song designed to get you off your feet and rocking out from the first beat. Heavy bass tones and killer drum beats set the tone for this track not to mention the insane vocals, it has to be one of my personal favorites from the album, I am rather obsessed by the variety of vocals shown on this track in particular. The use of almost punk style vocals adds a little variety to this track which is lacking from the typical mainstream music we see today. This track shows you a little insight into what drives Jinjer as a whole (especially in the breakdown section of this song) into the stand out section of bands we have on circuit today.

The intro for Word Of Wisdom has a heavier feel than Captain Clock, it has a quicker pace and varied time scale, I freaking love it. The tones used on the guitars and changes of tempo throughout are just a metal heads dream. Vocals begin very heavy throughout the versus and are pulled into yet another level for the chorus, the versatility shown in Tatiana’s vocals are just amazing to listen to which I would say are highlighted in this song in particular. This is most certainly a track to bang your heads and bounce to.

Just Another once again starts heavy with the vocals and melody, an instant head banging track bound to get each and every one of you listening ready for a night of insanity. This song has a very catchy chorus which had elements of so many vocalists which has created yet another element for the overall sound of Jinjer as a band. Just Another has become my new getting ready for a night out track as I am sure many of you will agree it has the right kind of tempo to get those glasses raised and the right motivation behind it to kick you into gear for a rocking party.

I Speak Astronomy has yet another quick pace which is ready to set you up for a wicked track. The vocals on this throughout the versus is incredibly seductive whilst you are shaken to the core by the screams throughout the chorus. They have a rather bouncy rhythm throughout which entices you to join them on their lyrical journey, an outstanding job on this song in particular Jinjer. I’m completely in love with the tone of vocals in the final verse it just pulls the listener right into the song, incredible. This song was giving me flashes of some old style Lacuna Coil elements within the vocals with a touch of No Doubt sprinkled throughout.

Sit Stay Roll Over begins with a scream followed by yet another fast paced rhythm leading into heavy vocals on the verse. This track takes us into a section with a slight chant section before the pace is quickened yet again with the use of drums, it once again has a different feel to it. It once again shows yet another side to Jinjer taking the listener deeper into their insane creation throughout the breakdown section once again, amazing work.

I would have to say my personal favorite track would have to be Pieces for the use of purified clean vocals through the verse before the incredible use of screams on the chorus, it just manages to make this a stand out song from the others on the album. Have a listen for yourself and let me know what you think.

Band Members

Tatiana Shmailyuk – vocals
Roman Ibramkhalilov – guitars
Eugene Kostyuk – bass
Vladislav Ulasevish – drums

Tack List

Captain Clock
Words Of Wisdom
Just Another
I Speak Astronomy
Sit Stay Roll Over
Until The Dome
Dip A Sail
Beggars Dance

A variety of incredible vocals, insane bass lines, killer guitar riffs and thunderous drumming, what more can you ask for in an album?!!

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