Ithaqua – Initiation to Obscure Mysteries (Iron Bonehead Productions)

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On 14 February 2015
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Old school Greek Black/Death metal worshipping at the nailed feet of Rotting Christ

maketesHailing from Greece, this fact you would grasp even before reading the accompanying text. This is a new duo being released on Iron Bonehead productions and this is the first demo tape. They are certainly paying homage to their fellow countrymen such as Rotting Christ and Varathon. Starting off with a Hammer Horror style intro which also conjures up images of the exorcist sets the scene. “Sorcerers of Profane Enchantment” begins with a chugging riff with  septic throated vocals being spat over the top and added atmosphere of old keyboards adding a layer of horror. The speed comes into play in each song later on and kicks it up into the old Greek Blackened Death Metal tradition. The demo follows much the same path for the main tracks. The closer on the demo and title track is a creepy melancholic bass line with a narrated passage before the rasp of the vocalist comes back in with a kettle drum effect. The Demo tapes stands up well against “full albums”, the production values are good, however they sound quite dated. Yes, I know this is what the overall aim probably is but you cannot recreate the full intensity and feeling behind this style unless you were there when it came about. If the band take what they have laid down here and put a bit more of their own slant on it and steered away slightly from the pure worship of the old school they could be onto something quite special.

Winds of Ithaqua
Sorcerers of Profane Enchantment
Summoning the Incarnations of the Worm
Abyssic Journey to the Elder Demons
Beyond the Cursed Lines
Initiation to Obscure Mysteries




Old school Greek Black/Death metal worshipping at the nailed feet of Rotting Christ

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