Iron Kobra – Might & Magic (Dying Victims Productions)

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Iron Kobra

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On 11 May 2015
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Rowdy Teutonic Heavy Metal!

Iron Kobra from Germany appeared in 2008 and have released a series of singles and one full length before this current offering. They introduce themselves on this album with an intro about playing on 10 – it sets the scene perfectly for what can only be described as a wild and unkempt slab of metal. Soundwise these guys are sitting somewhere in middle England 1981-1983, its raw and rambunctious with little finesse and buckets of attitude. This is heavy metal played from the heart, they have got into the studio and laid it down exactly as I imagine these guys sound on a stage, nevermind about the polish, we are going matt black. “Fire!” demonstrates this attitude with a hammering riff, thundering drums which are really boxy sounding but have a certain charm. The guitar playing is excellent lots of interplay on harmonies and chugging riffs. The John Gallagher style screams and the aggressive vocals just add to this rowdy atmosphere. All the classic influences are in here, Maiden, Running Wild, Jaguar and a whole plethora of other NWOBHM influences.“Wut im Bauch” is the only song on the album that is sung in German and is an interesting addition to the album. The band appear to be all about catchy riffs and headbanging anthems and are out to have a good time and this attitude shines through. If you like bands such as Strikelight, Ritual Steel and Manilla Road, Iron Kobra are going to be a worthy addition to your arsenal.

1. Words of Wisdom
2. Tomb of the Stygian King
3. Fire!
4. Vanguard of Doom
5. Watch the Skies
6. Spirit Archer
7. Wut im Bauch
8. Born to Play on 10
9. Cult of the Snake

Band Members
Sir Serpent – Vocals and Guitar
Lightning Lord Python – Guitar and backing vocals
Don “The Warrior” Viper – Bass and backing vocals
Ringo “The Animal” Snake – Drums


Rowdy Teutonic Heavy Metal!

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