Interview with Roy and Pete from Exit State at the SOS Festival 2011.

PM. Right then, there’s only one place to start, the madness that was the HRH Roadtrip to Ibiza, so how did you find it ?
PETE. Oh my god, we are still tired from that lol
PM. Well I cant remember much about it lol, getting in at 6.30am every morning takes it toll doesn’t it.
ROY. I think we collectively got about 3 hours sleep the whole week.
What made it special for us, was that we felt that 95% of the people there had never heard of Exit State, but we had certainly done our job by the time we had finished, as everybody knew who we where by then, even the legendary Krusher liked us lol.
It was great, cos as well as being a great set up, the people there watched every band, and that meant so much to us, and after getting such a huge response, it means we have a slot at the main event, the HRH festival in December.
PM. Well in that case then, you will need a new album to promote, so where is it ?
ROY.Well, its on its way, its all being pressed up as we speak, the official release date is the 3rd October, but it has been delayed, as it should have been out in July, for a few reasons, one of them, it that our old record label, king Prawn, RockSector Records and us, all came to a mutual agreement that Rocksector was the way to move the band forward, we had exhausted all opportunities with king Prawn , so we all shook hands and moved on amicably.
PM. The 2nd record is often considered harder to make than the first, was that the case with this one?
PETE.A lot harder, as we where a lot more strict on how we wanted it to sound, we also got a lot more involved in the whole recording process, we where more hands on.
As Roy has said during some previous interviews, a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making this, it did take a long time, and the whole process did over run, compared to what we initially went for, but it was worth it, we are very pleased with the end result.
It is far better than the first album, and we are very proud with what we have ended up with.
The thing with this one was that we went into pre-production and things that had never happened to us before, happened.
We went in with 10 songs, the producer listened to them, and wrote most of them off immediately as just not good enough, he told us this 2nd album has to far out way the first, “so you had better go away and write some better songs”.
We weren’t very happy and left, but when we all thought about it, and put ourselves in his position, we realised that he was right.
PM. so I take it these where songs that where left over from the 1st album?
ROY. yup, your absolutely right, if the songs weren’t good enough for the 1st album, what makes us think that they where good enough for the 2nd album.
Even with a lot of reworking, we knew they weren’t good enough, so we had less than 6 weeks to write a lot more, nine more in fact, album worthy songs, and we needed to get them done as we where on tour with Marseille, so we did it, and like Pete said in an earlier interview, it was the best thing we ever did, because now we are a better band for it.
Pm.So before you hit prestatyn in December, are there any plans for a tour ?
PETE. Yes, we have a full tour starting in September going into October, we would also like to play the Hrhhell chapters as well, if we can pull that off.
PM. That sounds great, the Chester chapter has already kicked off, I know the London one is now up and running as is the Nottingham branch, unfortunately Helen Berry and I, who run the Manchester branch have not been able to secure a venue yet, but we are now working with a different bunch of promoters, so things should be moving soon, and we look forward to having you play.
PETE. Were looking forward to it as well.
PM. The thing with the chapters, is that you will know what you will be getting before you get there, as every chapter should be run the same way, there will not be anybody waiting to rip you off, and it will also give a local support band the chance to play with you.
ROY. Yeah, its sounds like a great set up, cant wait.
PM. Thanks for your time, Roy and Pete, have you any final thoughts about playing under Gun tomorrow night ?
ROY.Well for one, we cant wait as this is the first time we have played live since Ibiza and 2nd, Gun are a very established band, and there’s gonna be a lot of people there to see them, so where hoping a lot of their fans will like Exit State, and become fans of ours, plus its great having that on your cv, its just another feather in our cap, so other people will take us more seriously.

Roy Bright, Singer/guitarist. Exit state
Peat Hicks drums. Exit state
David Farrell from Planetmosh.
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