Interview with Rasmus Sjøgren from Celestial Son.

Celestial Son (formerly known as Drone) is a progressive grunge band from Denmark founded in 2003 in Silkeborg. The band is led by singer, guitarist and songwriter Rasmus Sjøgren. PlanetMosh caught up with Rasmus to discuss all things Celestrial Son and the new single ‘Open Wound’.

PlanetMosh.Why did you change the band’s name from Drone to Celestial Son, other bands evolve musically and are happy to keep their name as their fans are familiar with it?

Rasmus Sjøgren. It was definitely a hard decision to make since we were known under the name Drone for more than 12 years. It is also very important for me to emphasize that the band is the same as before the change with its biography, discography and so on. At one point it just became clear that the use of the word drone was exploding and we felt a change was needed to stand out. Moreover at the time there were maybe five or more bands with the same moniker, which was confusing to the fans. It was tough changing a name that you had identified with for more than a decade and I wanted to make sure we didn’t end up in a similar situation in the future, so it had to be good and original. One day it just came to me and it felt really natural and obvious.

Last year, you released the album ‘Saturn’s Return’ to widespread acclaim, was this expected? did you feel confident that the album was going to be a success? – Ehmm, well, first of I’m really really proud of the reception the album has gotten and I guess I had some kind of idea that it would make some noticeable ripples in the business. As for the fans I think we were all quite confident that it would be well received.

Saturn’s Return is very much a personal offering by yourself, where your bandmates content to allow you this freedom?

They definitely were and I’m grateful for that. It also has to be said that it was never really a question of allowing as the band in many ways is my project. But they loved the material when they heard it and I think everybody feel they have their own connections to the songs which is nice.

What (message) can we all take from the latest single ‘Open Wound’?

I would never fling myself into a long lecture here ‘cos it just ain’t that kind of song, but I will say that I feel I’ve managed to write a song that touches me on a very deep level. It also involves some very personal stuff from my past and it all comes out very candid. What I’m getting at is that if you are a writer and you get the opportunity to write and release a song like Open Wound then you really need to be confident that this is what you want – ‘cos afterwards there is no turning back and it’s all out in the open.

Was working with Lasse Hoile on the video for ‘Open Wound’ an education, with him being such a brilliant director?

It is always a huge pleasure working with Lasse. He is amazing and when we cooperate on a project like the video for Open Wound we just hit it off creatively and there is always this nice banter between us talking obscure sci-fi’s and new exiting album releases. So yes – definitely an education and an inspiration.

‘Open Wound’ is now the fourth single to be released from Saturn’s Return: That is quite an achievement, are there plans for any more?

 Well, we do actually have a few more up the sleeve, so stay tuned for that. Those will also be accompanied by music videos and the next one features the album’s acoustic track Not a Choice.

Have you started writing or recording the next album, and if so how far along with it are you?

I’m always writing and there is this constant flow of creation to which I have to grant the output it demands. So yeah you could say that I’ve started writing a new record and I’ve definitely commenced the thought process a new record would require. It is exiting to write and to feel a song opening up right there in the beginning.

At your last concert, at Dansehallerne, you had Shadow actors on stage with you, how did that come about?

For some time I’ve wanted to do a big elaborate show incorporating the visual universe that has been crafted alongside the music. I wanted people to experience first hand all the brilliant videos while we played live and engulf the audience in this vast expressive ocean. And while I was planning this in my head me and my girlfriend watched this puppet/shadow theater show here in Copenhagen and it was just so clear that we had to incorporate this as well. I contacted the theater company with my crazy idea and they loved it – the rest is history.

Was it filmed and are you going to release it on DVD?

It most certainly was and yeah it will come out later in the Summer.

What do you do for relaxation, do you stay in Copenhagen, or try to escape to the country?

Alright, so this is gonna sound a little snobby, but when I need to relax I’m off to the Southern Spain where my summerhouse awaits in the sunny hills of Málaga….

Any final thoughts or messages that you wish to share with the PlanetMosh readers?

No other than if rock with some progressive and industrial traits merged with a grungy squint of the nineties draws your attention Celestial Son would definitely be worth your while.

Rasmus Sjøgren – vocal, guitar, keys, songwriting, misc.
Nicklas Sebastian Winther Pedersen – bass.
Jeppe Pradsgaard Holm – keys, pads.
Christoffer Bjørumslet – drums.
Kenneth Rønsholt Østergaard – guitar, backing vocals.

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