The Resistance – Interview with Jesper Strömblad

The ResistanceIn 2010, In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad quit the band he had formed 20 years earlier, in order to, as he said myself, “fight my demons once and for all” – a reference to his battle with alcohol.

Now, two years later, he is back and fighting fit, with a new band – The Resistance.  With one EP already under their belt (‘Rise From Treason’ – reviewed by PM at, they are determined to set new standards and become the new force to be reckoned with, not only on the Swedish death metal scene, but also on the global stage.  And, with a strong as fuck line-up completed by Strömblad’s one-time guitar partner Glenn Ljungström, ex-The Haunted vocalist Marco Aro and drummer Chris Barkesjö, formerly of Kaamos and Grave, who could doubt their ability to succeed?

Reckoning that resistance is futile, PM sets sail for Gothenburg to enlist and take orders from Strömblad.  Little did we expect to find him doing the hoovering!  Or realize he would be so willing to talk quite so frankly about his addiction and his disillusionment with the band he founded… we did expect, of course, a full and frank discussion about his new project…

The Resistance’s as-yet-untitled album is due to be released on earMUSIC in May.  ‘Rise From Treason’ is released on January 28th on CD, download and 7” vinyl.

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