Inmoria- A Farewell to Nothing- The Diary Part 1 CD review

My instant reactions to this album were Judas Priest. The album instantly sets off an atmosphere that is chilling and creepy. They give it a mysterious feel that makes you want to discover the darkness it holds within.

In the album you can hear a mixture of British and European sounds. It has a classical touch that is relevant to the 21st century and will be in times to come.

Sören Nico Adamsen vocals are a cross between Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson but are not as clean cut, his gruffness gives it an extra added edge.

Guitarist Christer Andersson is technically skilled with impressive rifts and solos that create could high competition with other guitar players. The composition is multi-layered with a symphonic context, complimented with operatic backing vocals. The experimentation of different tones and effects keep it interesting and gripping.

The musical cinematic element I found worked extremely well making their music stand out from the norm of power/progressive metal we listen to.

As I am a fan of classical horror films I noticed they have been influenced by the music accompaniment that is produce to create the eeriness.

William Friedkin directed the most famous horror film from the 70s ‘The Exorcist’. Here he used modern classical compositions, including portions of the 1971 Cello Concerto by Polish composer KrzysztofPenderecki, as well as some original music by JackNitzsche for the theme song.

Here Inmoria use an adapted version of the most famous composition we all know. We can hear it strongly in ‘In my Dreams’. I have to say this song has the biggest effect on the listener. Inmoria start with a lullaby as little girl prays to God, asking the angels to protect her whilst she sleeps. I feel Inmoria take and learn a lot from the main influential bands and then adapt to it, like here with this song it relates a lot to Metallica ‘Enter Sandman’.

I say top marks for the musical writing, it is genius. They have managed to tap into your imagination, when listening images start to appear like a story or a symbol.

The female vocalist is introduced towards the end of the album, bringing it to a whole new level. As the music is very heavy the female voice brings lightness to the sound, this I find really refreshing since it started sounding repetitive after a few songs. Overall it is an album I recommend listening to. [8/10]



Release date: Out Now.

Track listing


  1. Blinded
  2. End of the Line
  3. The Mirror
  4. Hear My Prayers
  5. In my Dreams
  6. Just Another Lie
  7. The Silence Within Me
  8. My Last Farewell
  9. Save Me
  10. Watch Me Bleed
  11. My Shadow Fall
  12. Why


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