Imperial Vengeance – The Twenty Shilling and Fourpence V Disc (CD Single)

The most exciting e.p of the year has arrived courtesy of the Imperial Vengeance team.

This three track work of art is take from the Black Heart of An Empire album and is made up of the tracks Scenes of Inked Treachery, Black Heart of an Empire and a re working of Upon the Stair (and in the Chamber) which comprises of the original string arrangement which didn’t make it onto the album and is a very rare treat for all you Imperial Vengeance fans out there.

The e.p itself is quite simply a masterpiece and represents what is arguably the best introduction to IV you can buy, especially as it is available for the princely sum of twenty shillings and fourpence (or one pound to you and I.).

The first track, Scenes…, is a musical journey into the dark underworld that is London circa the 19th century and is in itself a truly classic release, the likes of which are rarely seen in this day and age.

Black Heart is simply an all out whirlwind of a track, that pushes the boundaries of this self styled aristocratic black metal outfit to breaking point, while Upon The Stair returns to a more almost classical track with its simply stunning string arrangement and would not be out of place on a West End theatre production.

All in all this is a mind blowing e.p and is an ideal introduction for people who have not yet discovered the magic of IV, as well as their existing fans. (9/10)

C.Edward-Alexander – Vocals, Guitars, Orchestration
David Bryan – Bass, Lyrics


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