Imperial age – Turn the sun off!

imperial age - turn the sun offImperial Age is the brainchild of Russian musician, concert promoter and martial artist, Aor (Alexander osipov).  Aor is the only permanent member of the band, with session musicians used for the recording of the album and for any live shows.  The process of writing and recording the album was begun in 2010 and in August 2012 was completed when the last of the choir parts was recorded.  The album was released in Russia in November 2012 and is now available around the world.

Musically this is Symphonic metal which lends itself to a rich majestic sound like that you’d get in a fantasy movie soundtrack.  The orchestra gives a rich sound, and the choir makes the vocal parts just sound so impressive.  There are other instruments used as well to enhance the sound including Bagpipes and Balalaika – instruments you won’t find in an orchestra and very rarely hear in metal apart from a few folk metal bands.

The album opens with the title track, a 14 minute epic, with the choirs and orchestra giving it a very impressive sound, and that really sets the tone for the entire album – some very good symphonic metal with the orchestra and choirs really giving it a boost and making it sound even more impressive.
With thirteen tracks and a running time of over an hour you certainly get good value.  The digipak is very well presented and the CD booklet includes lyrics for all the songs.

The only slight doubt I have is over the lead vocals.  The style of them is more classical than symphonic metal and they sound a bit bombastic at times for my tastes, but since it’s only in certain places then this is a minor criticism.

A great album that Symphonic metal fans are going to enjoy.

Rating:  7.5/10

Track listing

1. Turn the sun off!
2. Wings of your heart
3. Anthem of valour
4. Hallow the morning sun
5. Death guard
6. In the center of the earth
7. Time of virginity
8. Battle heart
9. Northern lights
10. The castaways
11. Keepers of death
12. Funeral march
There is a 13th track but it’s in Russian, and I’m afraid I cant type the cyrillic characters for you.

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