Impalers – Prepare For War EP

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On 16 April 2015
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Inventive, adventurous thrash is back with a vengeance -- nobody is safe.

Impalers – Prepare For War

Unrelenting, unstoppable and unbeatable, Danish thrash outfit Impalers have produced a solid classic with ‘Prepare For War’, out now through Evil Eye Records. With two original tracks allied with covers of two timeless classics from Mötorhead and Sodom, Impalers have struck a perfect balance to accompany their full-length record ‘God From The Machine’, released less than a fortnight after the EP.

Title track ‘Prepare For War’ presents a rousing, high octane thrill ride, complete with a face-melting solo and grating vocals worthy of the thrash throne. As energetic as they come, Impalers assure that “every single living creature will die tonight,” so for all intents and purposes, they sound like a charming bunch.

Uncharacteristically short given its epic thrash forebears, ‘Destination: Warfare’ packs an unfathomable punch into just under 2 and a half minutes, driven by a punishing riff and the familiar indomitable malice we come to expect from the genre.

Sodom’s ‘Napalm In The Morning’ is next to face the Impalers treatment. Opening on a subdued note similar to Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’,  the subdued entrance soon kicks into the heaviest, dirtiest and most compelling riffs of recent years. Contagious as hell and demanding to be head-banged, Impalers have released every atom of energy between them and yet somehow make it seem effortless.

“Don’t try to run, don’t try to scream, believe me, the Hammer’s gonna smash your dream”. No-one is safe, not even Mötorhead, dragged kicking and screaming into the realm of heart-stopping riffs and venomous vocal screeches. No holds barred, this gleaming tribute to anthemic classic ‘The Hammer’ has earned Impalers their stripes.


Track Listing: Prepare For War, Destination: Warfare, Napalm In The Morning, The Hammer


Søren Crawack – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Kenneth Frandsen – Bass Guitar
Rasmus Kjær – Drums
Thomas Carnell – Lead Guitar


Inventive, adventurous thrash is back with a vengeance -- nobody is safe.

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