IF I DIE TODAY New Album ‘Cursed’ Out In November 2014

If I Die Today
If I Die Today

This Is Core Music is proud to announce that If I Die Today, came back at the Hate Studio in Vicenza (Italy) to record the third official full-length, out in November. The band is currently in studio to complete the recordings of “Cursed”, that will see the light of day next autumn. The successor of “Postcards from the abyss”, which was released a couple of years ago and that has allowed the band to play in several European countries like Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine and festivals like Groezrock 2012.

This is a record that marks a change in trend respect to the latest productions, both of production and songwriting.


Tracklist of “Cursed”:

01 Elisabeth

02 Adam

03 The ancient mariner

04 Jesus

05 Lucifer

06 Faustus

07 Vincent

08 Patric

09 Cursed



European tour confirmed for October 2014.



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