Idiom – We Can’t All Be Superheroes EP (CD)

This EP kicks off to a powerful start with “Beast of Bodmin” in metal-rap with a great groove style. Its catchy and distinctive. “True Story” and ” Can’t Be” have a more Rage Against The Machine feel to them.

All the tracks are filled solid guitar & bass riffs, driving drum beat and powerful whilst at times melodic vocals. There are no disappointing tracks on this EP at all!

This is a great EP. The guys use a mix of metallic influences to create a distinctive sound and feel. If you are a fan of RATM, Deftones, SOAD, this will definitely appeal to you as where as it is similar vein however they guys add their own style twist to the tracks.

Highlights  – Beast of Bodmin, Something Perfect


Rating  8/10


Track Listing

Beast of Bodmin

True Story

King of Your Own Throne

Something Perfect

We can’t all be Superheroes


True Story Video



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