I.C.O.N. audio interview, Colwyn Bay 23/11/13

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Planetmosh took a road trip up the A55 to Colwyn Bay to meet up with the boys from I.C.O.N. where they were playing (finally) the last gig of the tour promoting debut album ’New Born Lie’, a tour which has seen them play the length and breadth of the U.K. as well as hopping over into mainland Europe for shows as well.

We get exclusive news about a very exciting E.P. release for the new year, as well as the bands future plans regarding writing and recording the all important follow up album.

I had written a page full of questions for the lads but once they get going, I just sat back and let them get on with it, such is the obvious chemistry between them. Four genuine guys, who also happen to play kick ass Metal the way it should be played.






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I.C.O.N. audio interview



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