I Am I- Event Horizon.


So mere weeks after Dragonforce release their new album with new vocalist Marc Hudson, their previous vocalist ZP Theart returns all guns blazing with his new band I Am I and an excellent debut album Event Horizon!

I’ve always thought ZP was overlooked in Dragonforce as the guitar work always seemed to grab the headlines but in Event Horizon things have changed. For example, there are no hyperspeed numbers on here. Most of the songs on offer here lean towards  hard rock/heavy metal giving ZP room to breathe thus showing off a vocal performance i have never heard before. He has assembled a fine backing band, most noteworthy the guitar work of Jacob Ziemba who riffs and solos with aplomb.

There are no filler tracks out of the 10 on  Event Horizon, each song rocks along with the verve of classic Boston,Nightranger,Judas Priest and The Scorpions along with choruses that Jon Bon Jovi would be proud to put his name to. With an album of this quality it is hard to dissect it but highlights are Silent Genocide, lifted from the album as a single it has a Scorpions vibe with a huge,make that HUGE chorus which should garner radio airplay. Album opener This Is My Life thunders along with Judas Priest staccato riffing, its 6 min running time allowing space for fast,melodic guitar work and some big  “woah woahh” vocals. The 2 big ballads King In Ruins and Kiss Of Judas stand out especially for the vocal performances.

Event Horizon was written and produced by ZP and guitarist Jacob Ziemba and mastered by Roland Grapow (Helloween/Masterplan). Event Horizon is the 1st heavy metal album released on USB in a cd style case and is available from May 26th  on I Am I’s website at www.iamiofficial.com. Their debut show will be at the Birmingham Academy on May 27th followed by a main stage performance on August 11th at the 3 day Bloodstock festival.


I Am I band line up :-

ZP Theart- Vocals.

Paul Clark Jnr- Drums.

Jacob Ziemba- Guitars.

Neil Salmon- Bass.


Event Horizon track listing :-

This Is My Life.

Silent Genocide.

Stay A While.

Cross The Line.

In The Air Tonight.

King In Ruins.

Kiss Of Judas.

Dust To Dust.

Wasted Wonders.

Pave The Way.


I award the album 9/10.


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