Hypocrisy – Effenaar, Eindhoven – 31/03/2013

After counting down for weeks, the moment had finally arrived. I was finally going to get to see Hypocrisy for the first time! I was probably more excited than a 5 year old at Christmas!

Since the gig started at the most random time of 16:30 (what kind of time is that for a gig?) … I skipped watching the support bands (Essence and Hate) and turned up for the 18:30 start of the mighty Hypocrisy!

First things first.. It’s nice to see that some bands still care about dressing the stage. When the house lights went down and the stage lit up in gooey green, the atmosphere set in almost as if there was a switch on it. The crowd suddenly condensed and silenced in anticipation until the band entered the stage one by one and broke out into ‘End Of Disclosure’ – the title track of the bands 2013 release.

The crowd responded very positively to the new material, joining in with every lyric. Before long, the set switched from brand spanking new songs to some of the older material, including ‘Left To Rot’ from the 1992 Penetralia album. It would seem that the newer generation of fans spent too much time learning the new songs and totally forgot about the old ones. Luckily for them another taste of the new album was thrown their way in the form of ‘The Eye’.

As with any album promoting gig you expect to hear a lot of new material as well as a mix of songs from the back catalogue. Tonight’s set list included at least one song from every album of the band’s discography bar Catch 22 (2002) and The Fourth Dimension (1994), so there was definitely something for everyone (except maybe fans that exclusively liked those albums).

After an energetic deliverance of new and old, the set came to a close leaving everyone with a taste of pure metal, thirsting for more. After a short absence, the band returned to the stage playing a three song encore of ‘Roswell 47’, ‘Adjusting The Sun’ and ‘Eraser’… probably the most alive moment of the entire gig, with everyone nodding their head and singing their lungs out.

As if one encore wasn’t enough, the band returned to the stage one final time belting out ‘A Taste of Extreme Divinity’ before bidding the Effenaar farewell.

Hypocrisy_hollandSet list:

01 End Of Disclosure
02 Tales Of Thy Spineless
03 Fractured Millennium
04 Left To Rot
05 The Eye
06 The Abyss
07 Fire In The Sky
08 Necronomicon
09 Buried
10 Fearless
11 United We Fall
12 44 Double Zero
13 Elastic Inverted Visions
14 Warpath

15 Roswell 47
16 Adjusting The Sun
17 Eraser

18 Valley Of The Damned

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