Hybrid Sheep – ‘Free From The Clutches Of Gods’

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Hybrid Sheep

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On 7 January 2015
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"combine[s] youthful aggression with good old-fashioned traditional DM values."

Hailing from the eastern French region of Haute Savoie, Hybrid Sheep play traditional deathcore heavy enough to induce devastating avalanches on nearby Mont Blanc and send it crumbling into Lake Geneva.

Hybrid Sheep - ArtworkFor where these five young guys score heavily is in their emphasis on old-school death metal sensibilities – such as punishingly heavy and lightning quick double-bass action coupled with equally crippling bass bombardments topped with swirling, but not overly-technical melodies and traditional throat-shredding DM vocals.  The result is one of the more straightforward examples of this particular sub-genre:  it’s a simple, no-nonsense approach which works well, on every level.

Where many ‘core bands try to be too technical for their own good, Hybrid Sheep combine the youthful aggression which many of their contemporaries have brought to the latter day metal sound with a good old-fashioned recognition of traditional DM values, letting the raw, honest power of the music, and the songs, take its rightful place at the forefront of every aspect of this promising debut.  Jordan assaults his kit with aplomb and panache, and is ably abetted by Max’s solid basswork, while the twin guitars of Alex and Andre weave some nice rhythms over effectively catchy riffs, and Arnaud’s lead vocals have the right level of determined grit and grunt.

It’s nothing earth-shatteringly original, but it’s a worthy effort and certainly will have this reviewer listening out for more from this particular bunch of upstarts.

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Recommended listening:  Liar’s Promise

‘Free From The Clutches Of Gods’ is out now on Tenacity Music.



"combine[s] youthful aggression with good old-fashioned traditional DM values."

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