Hordes Of Belial III, The Beat Generator, Dundee

Dundee’s Metal Festival Hordes Of Belial III is back on the 22nd September at The Beat Generator Live, Nth Lindsay Street, Dundee.

It is a 14+ event, door 5.30pm and tickets are superbly priced at £15 on the door or £10 pre order.

The current line-up of The Rotted (England), Achren, Firebrand Super Rock, Threshold Sicks, Zillah, Rex Shachath (Ireland), Bekon, Death Watch, Torn Face, Bacchus Baracus, Kobayashi Maru and Inferior Planet.

The fresh additions to the bill are drawn from all around Scotland, and showcase some of the greatest emerging talent the country has going!!!

This leaves only one slot unannounced, which is to be filled by an artist chosen by public vote from a shortlist of bands. This will be initiated very soon, so get involved to make sure your favourite gets the votes they deserve!!!



Hordes Of Belial







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