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Homecoming UK

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On 8 July 2024
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Homecoming UK flex their muscles as they unleash their five track POP PUNK FROM WISH EP.

Sometimes it’s good to try and seek out other genres of music, so here we are reviewing the West Midland band based Homecoming UK, who have recently released their POP PUNK FROM WISH EP, classing themselves tongue in cheek as “When you order Blink 182 from WISH”. These five tracks mesmerise, point proven by opener ‘BJS in your PJS’. A bombastic intro of heavy riffs will keep the air guitarists happy and band fuelled “Whoa oh oh’s” in the choruses are an early earworm, picking up speed for a full on, band fuelled outro.

Empty Notoriety’ features a guest vocal from Laura Whiston, from Beach Front band. She trades lines with lead vocalist Michael Jones throughout this pogo inducing short and snappy riffer that explodes into life when it kicks in with buzzsaw like riffing and a watertight rhythm section, especially from insane drum patterns.

‘DKMS’ is a stadium filling song, a bonafide classic in the making as it stomps along on that brick heavy rhythm section as a pleading vocal tugs at the heart strings, but nirvana is reached from the overwhelming choruses.

Another major rager comes from ‘Shattered Echoes, Healing Notes’ that flies out of the starting blocks with breaking the speed limit prowess par excellence!

This highly impressive EP closes far too soon with the quirky ‘My D20 Just Rolls Eleven’, all pop punk enfused with speed metal, and why not as this genre defining proto pop belligerence is a middle finger in the air banger, especially from prominent bass guitar fury and another spotlight stealing drum battery!

Homecoming UK band info is here :- http://linktr.ee/homecominguk

Homecoming UK band personnel :-

Michael – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar.

Paul – Vocals/Lead Guitar.

Chelsea – Bass/Vocals.

Matty – Drums/Vocals.

Homecoming UK flex their muscles as they unleash their five track POP PUNK FROM WISH EP.

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