Our Hollow Our Home – Hartsick

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On 24 February 2017
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The debut album from Our Hollow Our Home is a refreshing back to basics for UK metalcore.

Hartsick is the debut album from Southampton based band Our Hollow Our Home.   With the album due out on 3rd March, Connor Hallisey – Vocals, Tobias Young – Guitar/Vocals, Josh White – Guitar, Bobby Brooks – Bass and Nick Taliadoros – Drums have produced a great slab of British metalcore that brings the genre back to its basic elements.

The album has the usual mix of clean and growling vocals coupled with driving guitars and drums but when you dig a little deeper there are a few nuances that come through on multiple listens.

Our Hollow Our Home – Hartsick

The Sea Will Sleep is the first song and only really an intro which gives a taste of what is to come.  Lone Shark is the real start and from here on in everyone in the band gets to show off just what they can do.

Throne To The Wolves and Hartsick are standouts from the first half and then we get a slightly lighter combination of the recent single Karmadillo followed by The Wild Will Wait.  We are back off and running again with the mixture of clean and unclean vocals, singalong choruses and all that is good about UK metalcore.  The final track Fox Blood leaves you definitely wanting more.  The album can be purchased direct from their own website here.

On the evidence of this album Our Hollow Our Home have managed to put some life back into the metalcore scene and with a short tour up and coming it will be interesting to see if that intensity continues on stage.  Take the chance while you can.


Track Listing:

1 The Sea Will Sleep  1:25

2 Lone Shark  3:43

3 Throne To The Wolves  4:15

4 Worms Wood  3:32

5 Hartsick  4:04

6 Feast For The Crows  4:23

7 Karmadillo  3:17

8 The Wild Will Wait  1:44

9 Pride: Lieoness  3:41

10 Pride: Of Might And Mane  3:42

11 Web Weaver  4:37

12 The Forest Will Fall  0:51

13 Fox Blood  3:25


Record label: Hollow Music

Release date: 3rd March 2017

The debut album from Our Hollow Our Home is a refreshing back to basics for UK metalcore.

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