Hog Fever spreads to the UK!

An outrageous mash-up of a 21st century radio play, an audiobook on steroids, an off-the-wall comedy album and an original soundtrack—all in one!

Midway between the satire of Spinal Tap and the pathos of American Beauty lies the schizophrenic state of mind known as Hog Fever.
On the surface, this is the story of a man, a motorcycle, and a teetering bank balance ; But lurking beneath is the story of a lost soul in search of freedom –  or at least one last stab at it.
Motivated by the emasculating success of his British screenwriter wife and a love of “Easy Rider” and “The Wild One”, Robert Lourdes – a struggling American author on the cusp of forty, finds solace in the Harley-Davidson legend whilst embarking on a tattoo-and-testosterone-fueled quest to find himself.

Escargot Books and Music partnering with Downpour.com, proudly present HOG FEVER, a recklessly  entertaining “Ear Movie”, starring legendary Academy Award-nominated actor Terence Stamp , best-selling novelist Richard La Plante, 10cc’s Kevin Godley, and Bauhaus guitarist Daniel Ash.

Lovers of audiobooks, serial podcasts, and anyone who cherishes the thrill of riding a Hog on the open road, will savor every episode of this wildly entertaining production, adapted from the bestselling book by Richard La Plante.

This dark comedy of errors chronicles the story of Robert Lourdes, a man in the throes of midlife crisis, desperately searching for himself from the saddle of his motorcycle while reliving his misadventures from the sanctuary of his psychiatrist’s couch.

With his marriage on the rocks after Coco, his high-maintenance, screenwriter wife remorselessly steals his idea for a screenplay, Robert sets out to reinvent himself.
Follow Robert as he seeks out shiny accessories, motorcycle rallies, and bigger Harleys; on his journey to reclaim his manhood, and rise from the ashes a new man – rejuvenated by HOG FEVER.

The brainchild of Richard La Plante, HOG FEVER has been brought to life by La Plante and ground-breaking music video director Kevin Godley.
HOG FEVER is a full cast production created specifically for audio entertainment, complete with an original, rock n’ roll soundtrack, including brand new songs by Kevin Godley (his first ever solo recordings), Richard La Plante, and Daniel Ash.

An EP of music taken from the official Hog Fever sound track is available to download from  iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all other digital retailers ;

You can listen in full here: soundcloud.com/are_you_listenin

EP is available to buy on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/gb/album/hog-fever-ep

CdBaby:  www.cdbaby.com/cd/hogfeverep2



Official Video – Daniel Ash – “Flame On”:


We have to know – how did all this come about?


RICHARD LA PLANTE: “I’m dribbling into a microphone in a tiny LA sound studio, trying to record an audio book of my memoir HOG FEVER and the sound engineer looks as bored as I feel. Then a thought hits me like the crack of thunder from a V-Twin exhaust. sh*t! Why don’t I do the Hog screenplay, not the book, and get real actors in, sound effects, Rock music, the works? I’ll phone my writing buddy, Kevin Godley – the Scorsese of music video and we’ll call it an, an… “

KEVIN GODLEY: “An Ear Movie! Wait – what the hell is an Ear Movie?
Well, it’s a pure audio experience with music plus all the production values of a movie but without any er…pictures! Anyway, once we started writing, a few things became obvious. A) Lose anything that relies on seeing. B) Don’t get lost in sound for sound’s sake. C) Write until your eyes bleed…but hey, who needs eyes, anyway? We’re making an EAR MOVIE!”

And here we have it –  HOG FEVER, the ‘Ear Movie’.


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HOG FEVER is available to purchase in the UK from :

Amazon.co.uk –  amazon.co.uk/Hog-Fever-Episodes-Full-


Audible.co.uk – www.audible.co.uk/pd/Biographies-Memoirs/Hog-Fever-Episodes-1-5-Audiobook
And internationally from www.downpour.com , or www.audible.com

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