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High Priest of Saturn coverHigh Priest Of Saturn unleashes a four song, doom-laden offering, to satiate the cosmic Deities.


According to their official Facebook page, Norway’s, High Priest Of Saturn play heavy psychedelic rock. Do not be mistaken by this. They are a doom band with a psychedelic sensibility. And as with all things doom; the ghosts of luminaries such as Sleep, Cathedral and Sabbath always lurk as the benchmark. HPOS are definitely on the right track with their self-titled debut.

Lead track, “Protean Towers” kicks off with rhythmical intonations from the Iommi School of Riffery. Lead singer, Merethe‘s voice is spectral (very akin to Jex Thoth) as it resonates her message over the congregation. When this monolithic movement clocks the 8 minute mark the pace degrades to a deathly dirge. Ever-present Hammond organ fills the void in the wall of slumbering sonance “Kraken Mare” is the largest known body of liquid on the surface of Saturn’s moon, Titan. Try to imagine the sound of the mythological beast breaking along the surface of the sea in a slow purposeful trundle and you’re almost there.  Once again the vocal delivery is eerie as they summon the waves to bring forth the Kraken.

Carrying on in the metronomic vein of the whole album, “Crawling King Snake” opens with bass and is joined concurrently by all the HPOS elements, voice, guitar and vocal. The guitar work throughout the album is transcending and suitably arranged. In fact, no element ever overplays its part. With simplicity there is beauty as each member adds layer upon layer to the oblation. “On Mayda Insula” is the most up tempo track. Stranded on the island in Kraken Mare, the drumming resonates alongside a gnarly sludge soaked riff, while organ and lead solos embellish the melody. During the closing 2 minutes, intense drumming and organ soar, as descanting guitar lines threaten to smash us like waves on the shores.

Through despair there is enlightenment.  High Priest Of Saturn have delivered a slab of hand-crafted marvellous misery. This album will realign the planets.



High Priest Of Saturn will be released on March 22nd via Svart Records


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High Priest Of Saturn

Martin Sivertsen

Andreas Hagen

Merethe Heggset






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