HELLFEST 2013 – The Final Announcement!

Hellfest finalYou thought the main part of the #HELLFEST threat had been revealed, well you were wrong because we are proud to announce the confirmation of the legendary DEF LEPPARD on Clisson’s lands. A big come back in France after 17 years of absence.

And why should we stop to a simple wave when we can offer a true cataclysm of decibels.

Indeed, here come the names of all the new headliners, famous bands that we don’t need to be introduced but also new rising rockstars !

First, the excellent EUROPE will play on the main stage 1 ( #main1hellfest) on friday, like DEF LEPPARD, WHITESNAKE and TWISTED SISTER. An awesome Friday especially for the true hard rock fans, who won’t be able to forgive themselves if the miss that, really inevitable. The famous hymns that will resonate in the vineyard during this magical evening are countless !

Still in the Hard Rock vein, the famous finnish LORDI, the winners of Eurovision 2006, will perform their famous pieces on the mainstage 2 ( #main2hellfest )

MORBID ANGEL, neither more nor less than the gods of Death Metal, will shut the Saturday evening on the Altar Stage #altarhellfest. Neck-snapping in perspective …

NO FX, the masters of Californian punk rock will join their alter ego Bad Religion under the Warzone # warzonehellfest, a Saturday night that will remain legendary. A moment that all the punks will never forget, they won’t miss this show under any circumstances. Still under the Warzone # warzonehellfest, TREPONEM PAL will blast their Industrial Metal in order to complete this definitely alternative Sunday !

The Black Metal crowd will not be left out thanks to two big names like the mighty Austrians of BELPHEGOR and one of the best French underground bands : HELL MILITIA. #templehellfest
PRONG, the veterans of the Metal / Indus / Thrash from New York , will defend their last opus on Sunday – mainstage 2. They rarely play in our country, so do not miss the war machine Tommy Victor (Minsitry) !

The Valley stage ( #valleyhellfest ) will welcome one the greatest producers of all times in terms of Stoner Rock, Chris Goss who will perform on Saturday with his famous band MASTERS OF REALITY. And another legend, Matt Pike, already present with SLEEP will also play on Friday with HIGH ON FIRE, a real Heavy Rock Stoner fury!
Whatever people say, there are not only blasphemers at Hellfest. Indeed, on Saturday, the Neo Metal band : P.O.D will propagate their “gospel” on the mainstage 2 ! But do not forget that they play music foremost, and not many fellas can get this kind of groove !
At last but not least, THE hellfest crew biggest revelation for over a year : we have the honor to offer you the best actual band of techno-Thrash, the Americans of VEKTOR. They’ll perform on Friday on the mainstage2, so go and judge by yourselves!

With this big announcement, we are glad to present the bill details day per day, they’re available here : http://www.hellfest.fr/artistes.
Besides, we are sincerely sorry that we cannot officially confirm Alice in Chains. The band has to cancel their European summer tour. (only the gig in UK was confirmed ) We apologize for the false news which had been revealed in the press.
Walking Papers ( feat. Duff McKagan ex Gun’s N’ Roses) have also decided to cancel their participation, unfortunately they we will not honor their presence in Clisson !

Now 156 bands have been revealed ( on total 160 ) on this #HELLFEST 2013. Once again, a new edition that will make the experts happy, curious, passionate or neophyte. Thanx again for your trust, and we’ll meet you again in a few week for more surprises!
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