Heaven’s Basement – Electric Ballroom, London – 15/11/12

Hot off supporting Halestorm on their sold out UK and Europe tour, Heaven’s Basement have barely taken a breath before joining Seether on their tour. Tonight is the first of the UK dates and Heaven’s Basement leap onto the stage fresh footed and raring to go and with ‘Unbreakable’ we are instantly exposed to the power of Aaron Buchannan’s voice in this blinding opening track.

‘Can’t Let Go’ is one of three old school Heaven’s Basement tracks to make it onto tonight’s set list and goes down a storm with the audience. It is fairly clear that those in the audience who have heard them before are long standing fans and hopefully they may have picked up a few more tonight.

‘Fire Fire’ is taken from their debut album ‘Filthy Empire’ due for release on 4th February 2013 and the band are leaping around the stage as if standing on hot coals. There is no denying the inevitable comparisons that will be drawn between Aaron’s stage performance and that of a certain Mr Justin Hawkins, but that is only ever meant as a compliment. He is energetic, enthusiastic and powerful with a great ability to interact with the audience, which is something all four band members do well, drawing the punter in. Whether you like the music or not, it is hard to say you do not enjoy the show that they put on.

Another track that they have released as a free download to those who pre-order their album is ‘I Am Electric’ which continues in the same energetic vein as its predecessor. Next up is ‘Nothing Left To Loose’ which really cements Heaven’s Basement’s new material as a driving force to take note of in 2013. They have clearly taken the time to work on their new sound and get some good solid, songs written.

A lot of time has been put into rehearsing their material and musically Rob Ellershaw on bass, Sid Glover on guitar and Chris Rivers on drums are very strong, Rivers in particular beats his kit as if his life depends on it.

The set is rounded off with two classics ‘Reign On My Parade’ and ‘Executioner’s Day’. All the new tracks work incredibly well live and the carefully selected older tracks fit in perfectly. Live is what Heaven’s Basement undoubtedly do best.



Set List


Can’t Let Go

Fire Fire

I Am Electric

Nothing Left To Loose

Reign On My Parade

Executioner’s Day

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