Harlott Launches 2nd Single ‘The Penitent’ etc

HARLOTT Launches 2nd Single ‘The Penitent’!

New Album ‘Extinction’ out April, 7th!

Welcome New Guitarist Jake Weber!

On April 7th, Australian Thrashers HARLOTT will release their new album ‘Extinction‘ worldwide via Metal Blade Records!

HARLOTT return with a harrowing offering of Thrash Metal, and a bleak interpretation of mankind’s future. A blistering assault of speed and aggression awaits those who endure ‘Extinction‘ as well as a reverent journey into the power and force that is Metal.

12 tracks of furious riffs, spitting verses and face melting shred blend effortlessly with triumphant melodies and thundering groove to make a diverse and adaptable record that pays tribute to the kings of Thrash Metal, and makes waves in the new dawn of evil.

HARLOTT have now released the 2nd single off their upcoming album, if you wanna get blown away by ‘The Penitent’ simply head here:

Make sure to surf right after at metalblade.com/harlott where you can check out the first single ‘First World Solutions’! Have a look at the amazing artwork by Andrei Bouzikov and pre-order the album on either Digi-CD or vinyl.

Extinction‘ is HARLOTT‘s third album and the successor to 2015’s ‘Proliferation‘, an album that gained critically acclaim and landed HARLOTT a 5-week-European tour as support toANNIHILATOR. Taking what they had already mastered and pushing limits of dissonance, evil, and atmosphere, they bring together an offering that will sate the bloodlust of their manic legion, and draw in the revelers of a dying breed. With 12 tracks of pure bedlam, the album boasts a full complement of brutality that pauses only for deafening silence between the onslaught of blistering thrash metal.

Recorded at Monolith Studios (Orpheus OmegaIn Malice’s WakeBane of Winterstorm) and mastered by Jens Bogren (KreatorOpethSoilwork) the album seeks to rain pure savagery upon the listener.

In other news HARLOTT announce new lead guitarist Jake Weber: “We are psyched to announce we have found the right guy in Jake! It was never going to be an easy task but we couldn’t be happier with how everything has fallen into place. With our new album ‘Extinction’ due out on Metal Blade on April 7th, he couldn’t have come along at a better time!

Jake had this to add: “A little over 16 years ago, I first picked up the guitar and I’ve been swinging that axe ever since. In that time, I’ve played for bands such as The Murdering and Deprivation, as well as toured and recorded at home and abroad. Finally, I feel like I’ve really found my home and it’s right where I always thought it would be, playing Thrash! I’ve joined at a very important time in Harlott’s career. Andy, Tom and Tim have welcomed me with open arms and we are ready to become the tightest, fastest and hardest working machine Harlott can be! See you in the pit!

Extinction‘ track listing:
1. Extinction
2. First World Solutions
3. The Penitent
4. Whore
5. No Past
6. Conflict Revelation
7. Better Off Dead
8. Violent Conspirator
9. And Darkness Brings The Light
10. Final Weapon
11. Parasite
12. Epitaph

Andrew Hudson – Guitar/Vocals
Jake Weber – Lead Guitar
Tomas Richards – Bass
Tim Joyce – Drums


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