Hard Rock Hell 8 announces more acts including The Vintage Caravan, Blues Pills & Horisont

Hard Rock Hell 8 is pleased to announce the addition of more acts including The Vintage Caravan, Blues Pills, Horisont, Spiders and Santa Cruz as well as a host  of other great International new acts as this year’s edition looks to be one of the best to date. They join a line-up that includes Blue Oyster Cult, WASP, Krokus, Michael Schenker (Temple of Rock), Y&T, Bigelf, TruckFighters, Diamond Head and many more.

Blue Pills recently went Top 5 in Germany as well as entering the charts in 10 Countries. Their new album on Nuclear Blast is making them one of the hottest new rock acts in the world as of this moment. They will  be joining another HRH favourite The Vintage Caravan who absolutely smashed it when they played the closing set of last year’s HRH. Whoever it was that said Rock was dead could not be further from the truth..

Other acts added The Vintage Caravan, Blue Pills, Horisont, Spiders,  Vidunder, Santa Cruz, Witchrider,  Bend Sinister, Old Man Lizard, Black State Highway,  Red Fire Empress, Pist,  Blackwolf & Exorcisim.  They will join the below acts for what promises to be an amazing.

Hard  Rock Hell  8 The line-up so far

  • Blue Oyster Cult
  • Krokus
  • Michael Schenker (Temple of Rock)HRH8-0016-New-HRH8-Advert-600px
  • Y&T
  • Bigelf
  • Truckfighters
  • Vardis
  • Diamond Head
  • The Vintage Caravan
  • Blues Pills
  • The Brew
  • Bonafide
  • Electric Mary
  • Grifter
  • Massive
  • Buffalo Summer
  • Horisont
  • Santa Cruz,
  • Heavy Metal Kids
  • Spiders
  • Chemia
  • Vidunder
  • Witchrider
  • Bend Sinister
  • Thunder Mother
  • More
  • Old Man Lizard
  • Pist
  • Carousel Vertigo
  • The Black Marbles
  • Exorcism
  • Black State Highway
  • Blackwolf
  • Fire Red Empress
  • Piston

For more details and tickets go to www.hardrockhell.com


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