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On 5 September 2014
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Good songs hidden by lacklustre production. If you can get past that, Enjoy!!

About 10-15 years ago power metal was the genre that enevitably went from popular to over-saturated. Bands like Edguy, Dragonforce and Blind Guardian had massive amounts of coverage and all the while Hammerfall were there to see it all happen.Not only were they there they came out of hype that spawned so many copy cat and weaker bands to become heavier and better.

After taking some time away after 2012’s Infected (which is superb) they return with “(r)Evolution“.I have sat with this album slightly longer than I usually would when reviewing.

I like Hammerfall. But the first two tracks ‘Hectors Hymn’ and ‘(r)Evolution’ to be brutally honest don’t inspire much confidence. They are definitely Hammerfall tracks but lack the punch that would normally be prevalent. Even ‘Live Life Loud’ which is a superb sing along is lacking the feeling that it should have. This continues through the entire album. Personally, I think the mix/production is hiding a really good album. The songs have a superb energy, the playing is pretty much spot on. The lyrics are arguably the best  the band have written.However this is all hidden away beneath that restrictive production.  There is a little bit to much faffing about with effects, this is heard most on  ‘Winter is Coming’ which sould really have been called ‘(r)Everb is coming’. I may give out about the production alot on reviews but it can make or break an album. Imagine if Ted Templeman hadn’t produced ‘Van Halen’. Eruption wouldn’t have introduced Eddie to the world. Imagine if Bob Rock wasn’t around to produce St Anger…..

One of the biggest mistakes of the whole album is putting stand out track ‘Wildfire’ at the end. Its fast, heavy, melodic, everything you want to hear Hammerfall be. And its at the end of the album…. The mind boggles. I’m torn between this album, I like the songs but (r)Evolution just doesn’t sound as big as it should do.


  1. Hector’s Hymn 5:52
  2. (R)Evolution 4:23
  3. Bushido 4:39
  4. Live Life Loud 3:30
  5.  Ex Inferis 4:40
  6. We Won’t Back Down 4:18
  7. Winter Is Coming 3:48
  8. Origins 4:58
  9. Tainted Metal 4:36
  10. Evil Incarnate 4:34
  11. Wildfire 4:04

Hammerfall is:

Joacim Cans: Lead Vocals
Oscar Dronjak: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Pontus Norgren: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Fredrik Larsson: Bass Guitar
Anders Johansson: Drums




Good songs hidden by lacklustre production. If you can get past that, Enjoy!!

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