Hail The Sun announce new album ‘Divine Inner Tension’

Californian rock quintet Hail The Sun have announced the upcoming release of their new album Divine Inner Tension, set to land on 11th August via Rude Records (UK/EU) and Equal Vision Records (NA). The explosive first single ‘Chunker’ is out now.

Watch the video for ‘Chunker’: 

Stream ‘Chunker’: https://hts.lnk.to/chunker

Pre-order/pre-save Divine Inner Tensionhttps://hts.lnk.to/divine

Helmed by notable producer Kris CrummettDivine Inner Tension finds the veteran rock band questioning what it means to be here and to be alive, on both a micro level – where the importance of our existence is profound and paramount – and on a macro one – where our time on this planet is nothing but irrelevant and insignificant.

Across its 12 stirring songs, the album embarks on a journey that takes the listener back and forth between those two extremes, as it tries to reconcile that paradox of living intentionally but relinquishing control by taking your hands off the wheel and letting the universe guide you.

On the new single ‘Chunker’, the band comment: “What we give out is what we get back. The confidence we have in our abilities to overcome and thrive is endless. Admittedly, doubt can fuel this confidence from non-believers, as trust is intimidating. It is threatening. And this can feel good. However, when spite lingers around, it only poisons the person harbouring it, and we have been those people several times. Letting it go aligns with the initial cause of putting out what we want back, to begin with. Thus we grow.”

One of the main epiphanies California’s Hail The Sun had when making this new album was understanding that inspiration didn’t have to come from a place of despair, and letting go of the idea that an artist needs to be tortured in order to create. Instead, the band looked beyond the viscerally emotional to the more spiritual and even enlisted the help of Ice Nine Kills’ Joe Occhiuti, who is also involved with vocalist Donovan Melero’s Kill Iconic Records, on a number of tracks. 

On the album, Melero admits: “This is the first album we’ve written that didn’t come exclusively from a place of suffering or pain. Sadness, heartbreak and nihilism all inspire, but during the pandemic, there was a big shift, and this is more about retelling the story – retelling stories about everyday perceptions. Everything comes from within, so I thought that maybe I don’t have to suffer to feel inspired.”

Hail The Sun are:
Donovan Melero: Vocals
Aric Garcia: Guitar 
Shane Gann Guitar
John Stirrat: Bass
Allen Casillas: Drums

Find the band online:

01 Tunnel Vision Alibi
02 Mind Rider
03 Chunker
04 60-Minute Session Blocks
05 Maladapted
06 The Story Writes Itself
07 (In My Dream)
08 I Saw You Hanging
09 Tithe
10 Feeble Words
11 Little Song
12 Under the Floor

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