Grave Endless Possession of Souls- Album Review


The mighty, Swedish Grave have released a new album and I have to say I am rather fucking excited.  Possession of Souls is Grave’s 13th studio album, not a bad number! Returning to Century Media this album has been long awaited by Grave fan’s since Burial Ground in 2010. This album will be released on the 27th of Aug 2012.

I saw Grave perform in Peterborough in 2008 with Nile and Belphagor, one of the best shows I have ever attended, Grave were insane, I even had the pleasure of speaking to the band after the show, nice to know the bands appreciate the fans! I am confident I shall not be disappointed by this album.

So the volume is up… off we go.

Dystopia is a short intro track to the album, a slow repeating riff that sets me slightly on edge.

Amongst Marble and the Dead kicks straight in with a fast paced drum beat and an evil sounding guitar tone. I am feeling quite anxious now!  YYEEEEEEEEEEES! 0.34 It kicks in. Lindgren’s harsh vocals effortlessly slot into the mix and add another dimension to the track. I am enjoying the fast thrashy beats but I find myself longing for some groove though I am not despairing yet. 4 minutes in an intense solo.

Disembodied Steps………THAT’S MORE LIKE IT! Groove right away. Aw man I love this. Little patches of interesting time changes amidst the groove until the vocals kick in and then back to the thrashy beat. OOOOOOOOOOOOOFT 1.27! Insane groove! I loving all the layers to this track as well, it’s really chaotic to listen to but in a structured away of course. That is what gets me into that frame of mind where I can completely engage with the music. That animalistic state of aggression created by good metal. Another epic solo at 4.40, really haunting guitar tone. Loving the riffage at 5.12.

Track three is titled Flesh Epistle, interesting title. This track starts off with another trashy beat, picks up some groove when the vocals kick in then full on riffage. Ooo a cheeky pinch, I do like pinches. This track has more a slow and grudging feel than the previous track.

Passion of the Weak starts off with some interesting question and answer sessions between the drums and guitars. Enjoying the riffs and the guitar tone. LOVE the groove at 1.06.

Wind samples? And what sounds like it could be the sounds of broken bottles introduce Winds of Change. Eventually a slow heavy riff with slow drums comes in. The guitar tone reminds me of Cannibal Corpse.  AHH haha fantastic!  At 1.22 a full on vocal scream complete with thrashing drums and fast riffs which then fall into a fist pumping groove.  Another awesome solo.

Encountering the Divine starts off with a really interesting riff and then kicks off into the groove with the vocals, good start. Then the speed picks up even more, pretty intense!

Perimortem has a no nonsense fast start similar to some of the previous tracks and carries on in the same way throughout the track in between slower sections.  Some more interesting , catchy riffs and pinches.

Plague of Nations again, starts off fast with groove and tight riffs. OOO 2.19 some variety! Fast a fuck with an insane guitar solo.

Epos is the last track on the album. This track starts off slow with a build up of guitar layers which eventually morph into the faster rhythm.  THE GROOOOVE! 2.02 the insanely violent vocal sound with the groovy driving force of the drums and guitar riffs are amazing, I wish there was more of that! The track eventually fades out.


A full on, intensely evil sounding album laced with catchy riffs and fast paced beats balanced with slower, groovier moments.  I have to say for me personally the album could have had more groove, I wanted more moments where I thought ‘YES HERE WE GO!’ but although I was treated to a few select moments these were not nearly long enough. I started to find the tracks quite predictable but overall the album was fantastically produced, tight and structured. An album to listen to on the way to your next concert or on the way to work.


Album Rating 8 out of 10


Track Listing


2.Amongst Marble and the Dead

3.Disembodied Steps

4.Flesh Epistle

5.Passion of the Weak

6.Winds of Change

7.Encountering the Divine


9.Plague of Nations




Band Line Up

Ola Lindgren – Guitars/ Vocals

Ronnie Bergerståhl – Drums

Tobias Cristiansson – Bass Guitar

Mika Lagrén – Guitar



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