Grand Magus – The Hunt

The Hunt is GRAND MAGUS’ sixth studio album and their first for Nuclear Blast. The band has managed to pick up where 2010’s “Hammer Of The North” left off. The trio from Stockholm has always followed its own path of evolution without leaving behind what has gone before. Their trademark sounds are now being paired with traditional riffs and melodies. The combination of new drummer Ludwig (Spiritual Beggars and others) and producer Nico Elgstrand has given this album a slightly different edge, the most defined drums I’ve heard recorded. That combined with Grand Magus’ writing skills make this a really great album.

Rating 9/10



01. Starlight Slaughter 4:19

02. Sword Of The Ocean 4:28

03. Valhalla Rising 4:51

04. Storm King 4:23

05. Silver Moon 4:43

06. The Hunt 5:24

07. Son Of The Last Breath 6:49

08. Iron Hand 3:44

09. Draksådd 5:52


Line Up:

JB – Vocals, guitar

Fox – Bass

Ludwig – Drums

Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH

Release Date: 25.05.2012

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