Gospel of the Horns – ‘a Call to Arms’

Gospel Of The Horns - Band LogoHaving loaned an entire new meaning to the phrase ‘down under’, Australia’s most OTT black metallers have split up and re-united more times than PM’s esteemed editor-in-chief has brewed a mug of Horlicks – originally calling it a day back in 1996 and then again at the beginning of 2007, only on this latter occasion to re-emerge (with a slightly different line-up) a few weeks’ later:  18 months or so later, the scenario was revisited, when the band announced that they were playing their last ever show at the end of 2008 – only to then undertake a European tour the following September… and then another around about this time last year!

Now, it would appear that GOTH are preparing to spread their particular brand of black metal gospel across the globe again as, with  guitarist Chris Masochist re-joining the sole remaining founder member, Mark Howitzer, the band (now based in Germany and completed by drummer Mersus and second bassist Matt of Destroyer 666) are preparing to undertake a short Irish tour – prompting their Dublin-based record company, Invictus, to reissue this long-deleted debut full-lengther from 2002.

While the album (featuring guitarists Markus Hellcunt and Ryan Marauder) does sound somewhat dated, especially on the production front, it is a timely, and worthy, reminder of how powerful a force GOTH were on the Australian extreme metal scene.  While songs such as ‘Absolute Power’, ‘Vengeance is Mine’ and ‘Powers Of Darkness’, for example, offer nothing truly innovative, they have stood the test of time well – as has Howitzer’s impressive vocal, which has the right balance of menace and diabolicus.  There are some refreshingly unexpected touches, such as the power metal solos on ‘Slaves’ and the instrumental title track.

With the band’s first new material in six years appearing 12 months ago, and more apparently on the way, is a new chapter in this particular gospel  about to be written, w m/

Gospel Of The Horns - Ireland Tour PosterTrack list:

  1.  Chaos Bringer
  2. Absolute Power
  3. Vengeance Is Mine
  4. Slaves
  5. A Call To Arms
  6. Powers Of Darkness
  7. The Trial Of Mankind

‘A Call To Arms’ is out now on Invictus.

Gospel Of The Horns spread ‘Chaos And Perdition in Ireland’ on the following dates:

Friday April 12th – The Blind Pig, Limerick (with Bölzer, Zom and Three Hour Ceasefire)

Saturday April 13th – The Pint, Dublin (with Bölzer, Zom and one TBC)

Sunday April 14th – Auntie Annie’s, Belfast (with Rex Shachath, Bölzer, Zom and Ceaseless Blight)



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