Glass Wing Pilot – Diamonds For Stones

Bristol born Glass Wing Pilot have released their debut mini-album ‘Diamonds For Stones’  and this young and vibrant group have a strong power that feeds from the epic nature of metal with a combination of pop hooks.

Starter song ‘Vultures’ is a pop-punk/operatic number with chunky axe licks alongside rampaging percussion that supercharges the sounds. ‘Ten Years’ has a melodic, stoner-rock, Queens Of The Stone Age feel within its verses.  There’s a strange mix of genres here. It’s not overly metal, which for me, is just how I like it.

Title track ‘Diamonds For Stones’ is definitely the best song on the album with its offbeat Rage Against The Machine-style feel and its fantastic backing vocals with the feel of Queen. ‘Learn To Lose’ by contrast, opens with a whirring bass line that combines perfectly with the guitar, mixing its pop-metal with a progressive ballad feel.

This album certainly has been within the top 10 for me for a while.

Rating 9/10

Track Listing:
1. Smile of a Lunatic
2. Android
3. Ten Years
4. Vultures
5. Learn to Lose
6. Diamonds for Stones
7. The Weight 

Glass Wing Pilot are:
Flip – Vocals + guitar
Matt – Bass + backing vocals
Santiago – Guitar + backing vocals
Sam – Drums


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