Gate 6 – God Machines

Gate6_booklet_thegodmachine_def.inddDutch band Gate 6 was formed in 2005 by Jan Koster and Tony ten Wolde, initially as a project but it quickly developed into a full band.  Before forming Gate 6 Jan played guitarist in Challenge and Isolation, while Tony played keyboards with Dutch prog band marathon, so as you can see from the lineup below, in Gate 6 they have swapped roles.  The band had a lineup change in  2007 when Martin Kuipers joined the band on drums.  God Machines is the band’s debut album.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this album as “prog” can cover a very wide spectrum, from full-blown traditional Prog rock bands with long keyboard solos and songs well in excess of 10 minutes, to bands that are Metal with a bit of Prog thrown into the mix.

This album has plenty of strong guitar riffs and some excellent keyboard and synth work which adds a lot of atmosphere to the album. At times they are used quite subtly to add a richness to the music while remaining more in the background, and at others they take centre stage.  The vocals are very good – they really work well with the music although you do get the impression that Erik Masselink would be equally at home singing on heavier rock or metal songs.

This is a great album – it’s got a strong prog feel but doesnt lose touch with the rock element, so has quite a broad appeal.

Rating: 8/10

‘God Machines’ is out now.

Track listing

1. Father son
2. God machines
3. My warning
4. Casualties of war
5. Man to be
6. It’s over
7. I am
8. Killing me
9. 26-11-2042
10. Turn the page
11. Voices

Gate 6 are:

Erik Masselink – Vocals
Tony ten Wolde – Guitar
Jacques Suurmond – Bass
Martin Kuipers – Drums
Jan Koster – Keyboards

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