Furyborn – Dawn Of Leviathan

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On 9 July 2017
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Ten tracks pummeled out by Furyborn which could just be the soundtrack to the apocalypse.


If you like your metal on the extreme side then you won’t be disappointed by the utterly overwhelming debut album Dawn Of Leviathan from Poole based ragers Furyborn. Coming across like a hybrid of the vitriol of the Berzerker and the technicality of Strapping Young Lad, after the brief intro of album opener ‘Second Sun’, they go for the throat with the rabid delivery of the title track. The paint stripping early Entombed like crunch of the guitar tones provide the perfect foil for the guttural lead vocals from Jut Tabor. ‘The Reckoning’ is an unrelenting body slam drum battery driven number with brief orchestral strings and a guitar solo that provide some calm before the storm of the violent ending.

There is no pause for breath as the riffs explode in ‘Exult In Extinction’ that envelop like a thick blackened cloud interspersed with some fretboard wizardry. Some quirky Mudvayne like quirky time changes crop up in ‘A Fault In Our Design’ but the similarity ends there as a psychotic vocal delivery raises the bar high. Everything is thrown into the melting pot for ‘Life Begins’ as blast beats compete with symphonic grooves, bruising riffage and swathes of melodic guitar lines. The uncompromising brutality of ‘I Am Heresy’ contains vocals that sound like they are not being sung, but regurgitated. Musically it sounds like the opening of the gates of hell to engulf the human race.

A brief respite from the anger comes from ‘Deep Rising’ with an opening crooned vocal that leads to a soar over a sedate but grinding musical backing. My personal favourite is the seven minute long epic ‘Wraith’ that rises and falls on waves of foot to the floor death metal and majestic melodic passages peppered with piercing lead guitar breaks. The album ends on a high as ‘As We Burn’ grips you by the throat from the off with visceral riffing and drum battering that does not let go until the melodic midway passages  precede a cataclysmic finish.

  Dawn Of Leviathan is available for £10 from bigcartel on July 12th 2017.

Album track listing :-

Second Sun.

Dawn Of Leviathan.

The Reckoning.

Exult In Extinction.

A Fault In Our Design.

Life Begins.

I Am Heresy.

Deep Rising.


As We Burn.

Furyborn band line up : –

Tim Coulson – Drums.

Timmy Hodgeson – Bass guitar/vocals.

Rob Walker – Rhythm guitar/vocals.

Nick Richardson – Lead guitar/vocals.

Jut Tabor – Lead vocals.






Ten tracks pummeled out by Furyborn which could just be the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

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