FUNEREUS (Mexico) Set Release Date For New Album ‘Return of the Old Goat’


FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS sets September 8th as the release date for FUNEREUS’ Return of the Old Goat. One of the best-kept secrets in black metal, since 2008, this Mexican horde have been patiently perfecting their craft – cryogenically grim and hateful black metal in the early ’90s spirit – over the course of a couple demos, an EP, and a split. In 2010, FUNEREUS released their debut album, Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification, and now, four years later, they strike back at all that’s sacred with their second album, Return of the Old Goat. Aptly titled, Return of the Old Goat is an utterly cold but unremittingly furious slab of ancient black metal possession: dead yet violent, trance-inducing yet diabolical, primitive yet memorable. It’s a record that makes no apologies for its anachronisms, that its mission is to celebrate the glory of Satan and white-light blasphemy, that FUNEREUS are ghoulish coffin spirits dedicated to haunting your subconscious. Seven glorifications of evil drenched in the vilest poison, FUNEREUS’ Return of the Old Goat is a nail in the heart of all that is holy – and the return of FUNERAL HEXING BLACK METAL!


Tracklisting for FUNEREUS’ Return of the Old Goat

1. Unhallowed Tomb

2. Prelude

3. Funeral Ghoul

4. Return Of The Old Goat

5. Below The Horns Of Blasphemy

6. Ascending The Throne Of Satan

7. Umbra Atrox




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