Fuckhammer – ‘Hammered To Fuck’ EP

Artwork for 'Hammered To Fuck' by FuckhammerBuilt around members of various other Belfast combos – most notably the mighty War Iron – this four piece, to paraphrase a well-known TV advert, do exactly what it says on the label… hammer the living fuck out of you.

Their no holds barred approach is evinced right from the artwork – a obviously recently bloodied sledgehammer – through the material and subjects they tackle, to vocalist Baggy’s extensive use of the word ‘fuck’ in his hard-hitting lyrics.

‘Born Of The Ass’ kicks this four track EP off in style, starting with a staccato drum line (although the drums do sound a bit tinny in the overall mix) before moving into a crunchy mid-paced riff.  ‘Drone’ is anything but, being another impressive mid-paced mix of the various members’ grindcore, doom and thrash influences, while ‘Hillibillies’ is as close as they come to a pure death metal performance, with its vicious vocal over a grinding spitting riff and closer ‘Abortion Addict’ is another vitriol-fuelled slab of grind-meets-death, ending ironically with samples of children happily playing to counterpart its societal-indicting lyrical subject matter.

A (Fuck)hammered 7.5/10.

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