FREAK KITCHEN release stunning animated video for ‘Freak Of the Week’!

It’s been a long time coming, but Freak Kitchen are very excited to release the incredible animated video for the new single ‘Freak Of The Week’.

‘Freak Of The Week’ sees the vision hugely talented artist Juanjo Guarnido come to life in this startlingly potent video.

freak kitchen - cooking with pagans - album cover artThe band have been blown away by Guarnido’s amazing work and have this to say about the project;  “Ladies and Gentlemen! This is it – the moment of truth! “Freak of the Week”, the animated video by our beloved Juanjo Guarnido is unleashed! We can’t really fathom this, to tell you the truth… It’s a quite surreal experience to see our good selves animated in such a grand way after all the painstaking work of Guarnido and his enormously dedicated team. We sincerely hope you will dig this as much as we do and support Juanjo and team as much as you can.”

The artist himself adds“After almost a year of exhausting work, with moments of disappointment and anxiety, but mainly made of enthusiasm and marked by the exhilarating pleasure of practicing that beautiful and noble art of hand-drawn animation, WE MADE IT. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that the effort brought in by my team was simply colossal. Particularly by that selfless squad (Julien, Mandy, Yann, I owe you big time) who stood up night after night so we could bring the project to you today. From the bottom of my heart, thanks to all of you who, often for free, contributed to the movie with your work, your talent and your enthusiasm. To Steve Morger for the precious help. To Freak Kitchen for inspiring and supporting this adventure. And especially to Fortiche Studio and Pascal Charrue for making this dream come true.”

The amazing new album ‘Cooking With Pagans’ is out now! Check out Iris’s 5/5 review click here

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