FLICKERTAIL release new single ‘Anything You Like’ (Live in the Studio), out now

FLICKERTAIL release new single ‘Anything You Like‘ (Live in the Studio), out now, new EP ‘Afterlife’ released on 24th June, out on Golden Robot Records. 

‘Anything You Like’ (Live in the Studio) comes from Flickertail’s upcoming EP Afterlife (Live in the Studio), and features a massive chorus combined with muscular, melodic guitars and a pumping, popping rhythm section that swings like Tarzan. ‘Anything You Like’ (Live in the Studio) is available now.

Afterlife(Live in the Studio) is five tales of kitchen-sink drama and ill-advised adventures recorded live in the studio and will be released on all digital platforms on 24th June via Golden Robot Records. On Afterlife there are no overdubs and no studio magic, just the raw, unfiltered energy of a phenomenal live act at the zenith of their powers. 

Each tune carries the band’s signature dual-guitar attack, heartfelt lyrics, and lead vocalist and chief songwriter Liam Whelan’s soulful, crooning voice.  

Evidence of Life
Anything You Like
Small Town BBC Murder Mysteries
Don’t You Let Me Let You Down

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Evidence of Life :  A belligerently optimistic ode to a misspent youth. Through slinky, jubilant guitar hooks and the finest hi-hat work Sydney’s ever seen, we tell a story of no money, no jobs, and the time of our life.  
Heroes: David Bowie as you’ve never heard him before. Bouncing Mo-town bass courtesy of Matt O’Callaghan, Jonny’s raucous Townshend-meets-Slash guitar playing and a powerhouse vocal performance from Liam Whelan. The lyric “we could be heroes, just for one day” stood out as like life in a rock band. You’re a regular person all day, but for an hour you jump on stage and make the people happy. Brilliant. 
Anything You Like: Massive chorus, muscular, melodic guitars, and a pumping popping rhythm section that swings like Tarzan. It’s about truly, honestly believing in yourself, even when other people don’t approve or disagree with what you’re doing. Hence the chorus – “you can call it anything you like” – I don’t care what you say, I’m still doing this, I’m still going to follow this road as far as it goes and damn the consequences. 
Small Town BBC Murder Mysteries: Through sickly-sweet guitars and call-backs to the worst decisions of our young lives, this song tells the story of a reformed grog monster looking back on his glory days. A lot of us dread settling down and living a quiet life, but if you’ve enjoyed living in the fast lane, a bit of silence can do you good. 
Don’t You Let Me Let You Down: Sizzling guitars? Check. High-paced lyrics about parties and poor decisions? Check. Balls-to-the-wall drum solo that could make John Bonham blush? Check. 

Exploding out of Sydney’s Inner West, Flickertail, (formerly The Bitter Sweethearts), plays guitar-fueled retro-rock inspired in equal measure by Airbourne and the Arctic Monkeys. 
Their debut EP, Hurry Up and Wait, warranted rave reviews and radio play from Australia to the UK and everywhere in between. Subsequent singles continued the trend. Flickertail is notorious for an incendiary live performance honed in the booze dens and backyard of Australia’s Eastern coast and was refined on stages shared with Aussie legends Buffalo and the Superjesus, before international support slots with the likes of Supersuckers, Zak Starkey(Oasis, the Who) and Living Colour. Armed with only their wits, guitars and their stunning good looks, Flickertail continue to preach the good word of honest, authentic Aussie rock and roll around the globe

“Big, British hard rock sound fuelled by the grit of Australia’s finest” – Moshville
“It was like a fire had been lit underneath the stage…they hooked the crowd straight away” – HEAVY Mag
as much energy as a nuclear power station–using their guitars as fuel rods–and this is a setthat moves at a relentless pace” – Manchester Rocks


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